Urbosa (ウルボザ Uruboza?) is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She is a Gerudo chieftain and a major character. Urbosa is also the Gerudo Champion of Hyrule, one of Link's allies, and wears the same blue cloth as Mipha, Daruk, and Revali. This blue cloth is similar to the blue shirts worn by Link and Zelda.

Urbosa was the very first character whose name was finalized during the development of Breath of the Wild. She is voiced by Elizabeth Maxwell in the English version of the game.


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Prior to the events of the game, Lady Urbosa was the Gerudo Chieftain of her people, governing from Gerudo Town with wisdom, strength and compassion. She was close friends with the Queen of Hyrule, Zelda’s mother, prior to the queen’s demise, and subsequently befriended the queen’s daughter afterwards, taking on a motherly role to the young girl. Thus, when King Rhoam and Princess Zelda called upon the Gerudo for aid in the coming battle against Calamity Ganon, Urbosa offered her sword immediately and agreed to become the Gerudo Champion, and pilot, of the Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

Picture of the Champions (Breath of the Wild)

Urbosa during the Champions' inauguration ceremony when Purah took the Picture of the Champions

More so than any of the other champions, Urbosa had a very pronounced and personal hatred of Ganon, as the demon king was first born into the kingdom in the form of a male Gerudo to begin his campaign of violence and conquest throughout the land of Hyrule and the world beyond. Urbosa was well aware of Ganon's deep connections to the Gerudo and deeply resented it due to all the tragedy and destruction the villain had caused over the ages. He even once used the Gerudo people to commit many crimes on his behalf until an uprising led by Nabooru, another Gerudo legend, whom Urbosa deeply respected and where the inspiration for Van Naboris' name originated from. Due to this, the champion felt a sense of responsibility owed to her people to destroy the Calamity and show the world that the Gerudo no longer have any allegiance or tolerance for such an evil.

According to Zelda's Research Notes, she was able to utilize the Divine Beast's power with relative ease. However, Urbosa was killed by Thunderblight Ganon during the Great Calamity. Her spirit was then trapped within the Divine Beast for the next one hundred years. It was only after Link slew the demon inside the machine that her spirit was freed. Urbosa then gives Link use of her ability Urbosa's Fury, while also asking him to tell Zelda not to burden herself with Urbosa's death. As Vah Naboris fires a laser towards Hyrule Castle to weaken Calamity Ganon, Urbosa admits still feeling bitter about her failure as a Champion one hundred years prior. However, she expresses personal pleasure in being able to help defeat her people's shame.

Urbosa was considered a powerful warrior of impeccable skill, strength, and speed while alive. She wielded the Scimitar of the Seven and the Daybreaker shield which became sacred treasures of the Gerudo people. As Gerudo Chieftain she also possessed the lightning proof Thunder Helm traditionally passed down among Gerudo Chieftains which is said to have been a favorite of hers. Urbosa is remembered among the Gerudo as a great woman whom even the current Gerudo Chief Makeela Riju one hundred years after her death looks up to and is respectively referred to as "Lady Urbosa". Riju even prayed to Urbosa and her mother's spirits for guidance in taking on the role of chieftain despite her young age. Riju would ultimately aid Link in accessing Vah Naboris allowing him to free Urbosa and the Divine Beast from Thunderblight Ganon. Even young Gerudo children like Pearle know stories about her and she often pretends she's Lady Urbosa patrolling Gerudo Town to protect it from monsters as she heard tales that Urbosa once saved Gerudo Town from an evil ghost. Though it is unclear if it is true or simply a heroic folk tale of Urbosa told to Gerudo children. However Pearle's elder sister Rotana is a scholar so it may be true or is based on actual events.


Urbosa is a very strong and courageous woman determined to aid Hyrule in the coming battle with Calamity Ganon. She and Zelda got along very well, with Urbosa expressing genuine care and concern for her well-being, as well as admiration for her dedication to her duties. Urbosa also has a penchant for teasing people, particularly Princess Zelda and Link. She also has some pride for the Gerudo Race, to the extent that she was personally ashamed of her race's role in Calamity Ganon's origins, viewing it as a stain on the Gerudo's honor. Likewise, when recalling Ganon's origins as a Gerudo male, she made clear that she would find her payback of this stain very satisfying even after 100 years.

She was very close to Zelda's Mother the late Queen of Hyrule. She told the Queen she wished Zelda would grow up to be a beautiful and dignified Queen like her mother. The Queen thanked Urbosa but noted looks where fleeting and instead hoped Zelda would be blessed with true happiness. Urbosa had never seen such unconditional love before that which the Queen had for her daughter. Urbosa grieved her friend's suddenly untimely death and attended her state funeral as both Gerudo Chieftain and friend. She mourned her friend to the point she stopped writing in her diary for a time as it was too painful to put her thoughts in writing. Though the six year old Zelda put on a dignified front at the funeral, Urbosa sensed the deep grief hidden within and worried for her friend's daughter. Understanding and sharing Zelda's grief, Urbosa would form a friendship with the Princess whom Urbosa watched over like a surrogate mother figure even travelling to Hyrule Castle due to her concern for Zelda. She witnessed first hand Zelda's dedication and frustration as she prayed to awaken her sealing powers, even dragging her out of the water of the spring when she refused to stop. She also consoled Zelda when she broke down from the pressure she was under. She held Zelda close and simply listened as Zelda confided her fears she would be unable to fulfil her sacred duty. Thus becoming a Champion allowed her to support Zelda in addition to allowing her to confront the hated Ganon alongside the Princess of Hyrule much like how Nabooru had done when she became one of the Seven Sages. Urbosa was protective of Zelda, defending her from an assassination attempt by the Yiga Clan disguised as travelers. However she spared their lives at Zelda's request for mercy as the Yiga Clan had come about due to the mistreatment of the Sheikah in the past. However when Zelda eluded Link's protection by taking advantage of Gerudo Town law, Urbosa came to Link's aid even teaching him a trick to enter Gerudo Town disguised as a woman and like her future successor Riju had no problem bending the law when necessary. When Urbosa found Zelda had fallen asleep working on Vah Naboris she informed Link who arrived quickly than she expected. Urbosa hoped Zelda and Link would eventually resolve their differences. After Zelda finally bonded with Link, she noticed Zelda was a lot happier and hoped it would have a positive impact on her training. However she feared they were running out of time and her concern grew as signs of Ganon's return increased. Urbosa even prayed not to Hylia but to her late friend's spirit that Zelda had enough time and noted how much she missed her dearest friend. However when Zelda failed at the Spring of Wisdom, Urbosa was quick to advise her that they should move on as she had done all she could and feeling sorry for herself wouldn't help, noting that the spring on Mount Lanayru wasn't her last shot and anything could spark her powers to awaken which convinced Zora Champion Mipha to speak up and attempt to explain how she uses her healing powers though unfortunately Calamity Ganon interrupts them. Urbosa attempted to take Zelda somewhere safe but Zelda refused wanting to stand together with the Champions even without her powers without any argument from Urbosa indicating she respected Zelda's desire to face Ganon alongside her allies and help anyway she could as Urbosa herself had become a Champion despite her people's opposition to her risking her life to confront Ganon. Despite her death, she was quick to tell Link to not blame himself for her death or the Great Calamity recognizing that dwelling on their failures would not help Zelda whom had been fighting for a century to keep Ganon sealed. Even in death, she continued to advise and support Link providing him with the power of Urbosa's Fury and joining with the other Champions in attacking Ganon to weaken him allowing Link to defeat him and free Zelda before joining the Queen of Hyrule, King Rhoam, and her fellow Champions in the afterlife confident Hyrule was in safe hands.


As a member of the Gerudo race, Urbosa has tanned/orange skin and vibrant red hair which she keeps tied up in a high ponytail. She also has bright green eyes like Riju.

Urbosa's outfit consists of an elaborately designed breastplate, two shoulder guards, an intricate gold belt, and a blue scarf she uses as a skirt, given to her as a symbol of her role as a Champion of Hyrule. She wears several slim, gold rings on her fingers, and has painted her nails blue like her skirt. Urbosa also wears blue lipstick.

She has a muscular body and well-defined abs.


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