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The Underground Maze is a stage from Super Smash Bros. Melee. A massive labyrinth that is only playable in Adventure Mode, it is Legend of Zelda themed; the object of the mission is to find the Triforce.

The character must navigate the Underground Maze, searching for the Triforce in one of six chambers. There are, however, five copies of the Master Sword in the other chambers, and if the character stumbles across one, he/she will have to fight various colored Links to proceed through the room and continue searching the Underground Maze. It is not necessary, however, to find and confront all five Links. If the character manages to obtain the Triforce within the time limit, he/she will receive a bonus. Once the character locates the Triforce, he/she moves on to the next stage and must battle Princess Zelda at the Hyrule: Temple. This concludes the Zelda portion of Adventure Mode.

Interestingly, the Underground Maze is one of the few stages in Adventure Mode that has regular enemies; it is infested with Like Likes, Octoroks, and ReDeads, each in their Nintendo 64 incarnations.

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