"Boing-oing! On this isle, a Golden Chief dwells who can harness the power of sea cyclones. At his request, I am here to prevent just anyone from entering his chamber. You must prove yourself by hitting four of my buddies in a very specific order! But to figure out the order, you must solve our island's enormous riddle. Ready to listen? The order is very specific! OK, then, I'm going to say it! It steers with rudder, then makes spray! And third, it paddles, then sees a way!"
Gossip Stone

The Uncharted Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. This whale-shaped island does not appear on Link's Sea Chart until he sails to the east side of the Northwestern Sea, near a ridge of rocks that are visible above the water. The island does not have a map, forcing Link to map out the island himself. At the center of the island is a chamber where Golden Chief Cylos dwells, but a small body of water without a bridge blocks the entrance.

A Gossip Stone in front of the entrance to Golden Chief Cylos' chamber informs Link of a riddle he must solve to enter the chamber. There are four other Gossip Stones scattered around the island, and the riddle states that they must all be hit in a specific order. This riddle references the island's whale shape, which can be seen once a map is drawn.

First, Link must hit the Gossip Stone on the far eastern side of the island, where the "tail" of the whale is. Second, he must hit the Gossip Stone at the north part of the island where the shape depicts spray coming out of the whale's blowhole. Third, he must hit the Gossip Stone on the south side where there is a raised section of land that seems to be a reference to the whale's fin. Finally, Link must hit the Gossip Stone towards the west side of the island in front of a pond which appears to be the whale's eye. Once all four are hit in the right order, a bridge will appear, allowing Link to enter the Golden Chief's chamber. If Link uses his Shovel to dig in front of the Gossip Stone located at the whale's eye, he will unearth a Treasure Map.

Each Gossip Stone, when hit in the right order, will give Link information regarding the Golden Frogs and the Cyclone Slate. However, if a Gossip Stone is hit at the wrong time, it will merely say "Boing-oing! .........".

Once inside Golden Chief Cylos' chamber, Link will receive the Cyclone Slate, which can harness the power of sea cyclones. Cylos will then inform Link about the Golden Frogs scattered around the ocean.