"The Great Calamity, yes... I didn't come along until everything was already over... I was born during the Age of Burning Fields. By the time I was old enough to be aware of it, the plants around Hateno Village were budding... We were self-sufficient. Even so, Hyrule Castle and the Castle Town remain a home ground for the forces of the Calamity to this very day... Those who are older than I might know more about it..."
— Uma

Uma is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Uma is a Hylian living at Hateno Village in the East Necluda region of Hyrule. She is one of the elders of Hateno Village who was born during the Age of Burning Fields, after the Great Calamity. Link can learn from her about this event, Hyrule Castle and the Town Ruins.

During the day, she sits near The Great Ton Pu Inn next to the outdoor cooking area. If Link picks up a Soup Ladle there, she will kindly lets him keep it if needed, promising to explain to the other villagers the reason for its absence. She can be found inside her home at night or when it rains.