"We've traveled for months in search of a flower called the silent princess. Legend has it if you swear your love before its freshly plucked blossom, you and your partner will live a charmed life. Alas, all our searching so far has been for naught."
— Tye

Tye is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a Hylian traveler traveling across Hyrule with his wife Sorelia in order to find a rare flower called the Silent Princess.


Tye originally planned to search for the flower on his own due to the dangers of traveling, but his wife insisted on accompanying him as she was frightened by the idea of something happening to him. They wish to find the Silent Princess since according to the legend, any couple who swear their love before a freshly plucked Silent Princess blossom, will both live a charmed life.

Link may encounter them being attacked by Bokoblins in certain areas. If Link manages to save them without Sorelia getting knocked out, and speaks to either Tye or Sorelia shortly afterwards, he will receive a random dish, elixir, or Rupees. As it is impossible for Link to help them find a Silent Princess, he will continue to encounter them in various areas around Hyrule for the rest of the game.