"I tell you, lately no one around these waters has seen the beautiful fairy that bestows magic power. She used to live here, fry. All anyone ever sees anymore are the Big Octos that have been appearing lately. Maybe they scared her off... Oh no! I sure hope...they didn't eat her!"

Two-Eye Reef is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is a walled fortress containing two symmetrical pieces of reef, hence its name. Like all reefs in The Wind Waker, when seen from above, it resembles a face on a six-sided die. The island is located in the Southern-central region of the Great Sea. There are several Warships, and Cannon Turrets scanning the area for intruders. If Link destroys the Cannon Turrets, he is rewarded with a chart that reveals the location of all the Hidden Holes near the islands.

However, Link cannot get the chart until he defeats the Helmaroc King, thus making all of the Cannon Turrets active. Additionally, a Big Octo resides southwest of the island; if defeated, a Great Fairy will reward Link with a longer Magic Meter.

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