"Now, quickly go beyond the Twin Islands Cave after leaving Goron Village."
Goron Elder

The Twin Islands are a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. They are two nearly identical islands situated in the middle of a small lake, located between the Mountain Village and Goron Village. The two islands are connected by a bridge, which also connects to a smaller island situated between the two Twin Islands. One of the islands holds a Hidden Hole known as the Twin Islands Cave, which contains a Hot Spring. To the east of the Twin Islands is the Goron Racetrack.


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When Link first arrives at the Twin Islands, the lake is frozen due to the perpetual winter caused by a curse originating from Snowhead Temple. Here, Link can find the frozen Goron Elder on the First and Second Day, who teaches him part of the "Goron Lullaby". After learning the whole song from the Goron Elder's Son, Link enters Snowhead Temple and defeats Goht, bringing spring to the mountains once more, melting the ice around the Twin Islands. Using the Powder Keg obtained from Medigoron, Link can blow open the boulder in front of the Goron Racetrack and participate in the races.

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