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"During the Era of Twilight, Midna, the Twilight Princess herself, joined the legendary hero in saved both worlds of light and darkness. With the battle won and the curse lifted, Midna regained her true form, displaying her mysterious beauty once more. As one of royal Twilight blood, she has powers known only to the Twili people. The ancient mirror she wields strengthens her Twilight powers even further, meaning she no longer has to rely on the Fused Shadow to devastate her enemies on the battlefield."
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Twili Midna (真のミドナ Shin no Midona?, True Midna) Hylian THylian WHylian IHylian LHylian IHylian MHylian IHylian DHylian NHylian A, is Midna in her true Twili form within the Hyrule Warriors series as well as a playable character in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends.

Background and History

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Era of Twilight

The Twilight Princess, Twili Midna ruled the Twilight Realm as its Princess and true ruler, until one of her family's servants and rival to the throne, Zant obtained a mysterious power that allowed him to curse her, transforming her into an imp-like Twili. Zant named himself the King of Twilight and transformed the other Twili into Shadow Beasts. Taking a piece of the Fused Shadow which she wore as a helmet-like mask, Midna fled the Twilight Realm to find the other pieces of the Fused Shadow. Meanwhile, Zant attack Hyrule Castle and forced Princess Zelda to surrender, then covered Hyrule in Twilight by having his Shadow Insects steal the Tears of Light from the Light Spirits. As they shared a common enemy, Midna secretly allied herself with Princess Zelda and freed the current incarnation of the Hero (who had been transformed into a Wolf after entering the Twilight covering Faron Woods) from his cell in Hyrule Castle. After introducing him to Princess Zelda, Midna transported him back to the Ordona region, just in time to save the Light Spirit, Ordona from having its Tears of Light stolen. After obtaining the Ordon Sword and Ordon Shield (which Midna briefly worn as a Mask) from Ordon Village, she agreed to aid Wolf Link in his search for the Ilia, Epona, and the Children of Ordon who had been kidnapped by King Bulblin, in exchange for him helping her find the other pieces of the Fused Shadow. Together they managed to restore light to Hyrule and obtain the pieces of the Fused Shadow. However they were soon confronted by Zant, who defeated the Light Spirit Lanayru and easily defeats Midna despite the power of the Fused Shadow. He tries to convince her to join him but she refuses so he tries to impale Midna with a Shadow Crystal, however Link takes the hit instead causing him to become trapped in his wolf form. Zant then exposes Midna to a potentially fatal dose of Light from the recovered Lanayru. Lanayru tells Wolf Link to go and seek Princess Zelda in order to cure Midna and free himself from his wolf form. After making it back to Zelda's room, despite her near death condition, Midna insists that Zelda free Link from his wolf form. However Zelda reveals that only the Master Sword can restore Link to his true form and after realizing Midna's identity, she heals Midna seemingly at the cost of her own life (it is implied that she also gives Midna the Triforce of Wisdom), granting Midna an immunity to Light allowing her take physical form in the Light World. After leaving the castle, Midna and Wolf Link journey deep into Faron Woods where they discover the Sacred Grove where the Master Sword rests inside its pedestal. Link is restored to his Hylian form and the Shadow Crystal is removed, however Midna seeing the advantage of having a way to transform him into a Wolf at will, decides to keep the crystal allowing him to transform between the two forms. After joining forces with the Resistance created by Telma, Midna and Link journey to Gerudo Desert to find the Mirror of Twilight located in the abandoned desert prison, the Arbiter's Grounds. After defeating Stallord a dragon skeleton reanimated by Zant, they discover the Mirror of Twilight has been broken with only one piece remaining in the Arbiter's Grounds. They are then approached by the Ancient Sages, who tell them the story of Ganondorf, the King of Thieves and his failed execution, which lead to the death of the Ancient Sage of Water and Ganondorf's banishment to the Twilight Realm. They also reveal that Zant had tried to destroy the Mirror but due to not being the True Ruler of Twilight, he was only able to break it into pieces, three of which he scattered across Hyrule. After leaving the desert, Midna and Link with the aid of the Resistance began searching for the other pieces as they needed the Mirror in order to travel to the Twilight Realm. They found their first piece in the Snowpeak Ruins. Returning to the Sacred Grove, they discovered that the grove was actually the ruins of the Temple of Time and using the Door of Time, they managed to travel in time to when the ancient temple was still standing to obtain the second piece of the Mirror. The third piece was located in the City in the Sky, though while trying to reach it they managed to help Ilia recover her lost memory. In the City they were aided by the Oocca friend, Ooccoo who they had encountered several times on their quest for both the Mirror shards and Fused Shadow. After obtaining the final shard, they returned to the Mirror Chamber and after the Sages revealed that Midna was the Twilight Princess, the true ruler of the Twilight Realm, they used the Mirror of Twilight to travel to the Palace of Twilight to confront and defeat Zant. Using the power of the Sols, they empowered the Master Sword and used its new found power to free the Twili from their Shadow Beast forms. Together the pair defeated Zant, only for him to reveal that the source of his power was his master Ganondorf who Zant worshiped as a god. Using the Fused Shadow, Midna killed Zant with just a fraction of its power. However with the revelation that Ganondorf had used Zant to escape the Twilight Realm, Midna and Link returned to Hyrule Castle to defeat the demon thief. Using the power of the Fused Shadow, Midna transforms into a masked tentacled beast and breaks down the barrier over the castle created by Ganondorf. Link manages to defeat King Bulblin who seeing Link as superior, switches sides and gives them a small key before leaving Hyrule Castle. With the aid of the Resistance, they make it into the throne room of Hyrule Castle where they encounter Ganondorf, who uses his new Twilight powers, to possess Princess Zelda's body turning her into his puppet. Link manages to defeat Possessed Zelda and Midna manages to drive Ganondorf's influence from her, restoring her soul to her body. Reunited, the trio is eventually confronted by Ganondorf who transforms into the Dark Beast, Ganon, however Link counters with his Wolf form. However Ganondorf returns and Midna uses her power to transport Zelda and Link to Hyrule Field, while she face Ganondorf in her Fused Shadow form. However she proves no match for the Dark Lord and is defeated. On his horse, Ganondorf holding Midna's Fused Shadow, appears on Hyrule Field to confront the Princess and Hero. However the Light Spirits grant Zelda the Bow of Light and confront Ganondorf atop Epona. Eventually, Ganondorf dismounts his horse and engages the Hero with the Sword of the Six Sages. However the Dark Lord is defeated and killed by the evil destroying power of the Master Sword. Following the battle, Midna is revived by the Light Spirits and regains her true form. After bidding farewell to her allies, Midna returns to the Twilight Realm, destroying the Mirror of Twilight in the process.

War Across the Ages

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During the War Across the Ages, Cia used the power of the Triforce to warp time and space, opening a Gate of Souls in the Era of Twilight. Using her power she cursed Midna, transforming her back in an imp, though Midna was initially unaware it was Cia's doing. Cia then joined forces with Zant and had him guard the Gate of Souls. However Midna, aided by her army of monsters, hunted Cia down to Twilight Era Hyrule. After a brief misunderstanding, Midna joins forces with Lana, Agitha, and the Hyrulean Forces to defeat Cia and Zant. After closing the Gate of Souls in her Era, Midna and Agitha follow Lana back to her era, joining forces with that era's incarnations of Impa, Zelda, and Link, as well as their allies, the Sages of Fire and Water from the Era of the Hero of Time and the Spirit of the Goddess Sword from the Era of Skyloft. From Lana they learn the truth of her connection with Cia and learn that the Demon King Ganondorf was the one responsible for Cia corruption and actions. Due to the curse placed on her by Cia while she was under Ganondorf's influence, Midna is forced to fight primarily in her Imp form. Regardless she proves herself to be a invaluable addition and loyal ally of the Hyrulean Forces.

Linkle's Tale: Her True Self

Hyrule Warriors Legends Linkle's Tale - Her True Self Linkle & Twili Midna (Stylized Cutscene)

Linkle and Twili Midna in the stylized recap cutscene from Hyrule Warriors Legends

As the Allied Hyrulean Forces are preparing for the final battle with the Dark Forces, Zelda senses a dark magic that threatens to consume all of Hyrule. Determined to stop it herself, Zelda leaves with a small group of soldiers, as the others are busy preparing for the battle with Cia. However Midna notices Zelda's absence and after realizing what she is trying to accomplish, follows Zelda to the Palace of Twilight. While on the way their she encounters a girl named Linkle who is mesmerized by a mysterious crystal she found. Midna too becomes transfixed by the crystal which she touches, restoring her back to her true form. Joined by Linkle, Twili Midna continues her quest to aid Princess Zelda. There they discover that the dark magic threatening Hyrule is out of control Dark Twilight Magic, which has produced shadowy doppelgängers of herself and Zant, Dark Twili Midna and Dark Zant. After rescuing Zelda and defeating the dark Twilight manifestations, Midna in her role as the True Ruler of Twilight, takes responsibility for dealing with the dark twilight magic, however discovers that even the power of her true form is unable to halt the flow of dark magic and is forced to smash the mysterious crystal that had restored her true form, to produce enough energy to halt the flow of dark magic, though at the cost of reverting to her imp form, as it was the crystals power that allowed her to overcome the curse and maintain her true form. However Midna willingly choose to sacrifice it in order to save Hyrule and her friends from the out of control dark magic, leaving a profound impression on her new ally, Linkle. Midna and Zelda returned to prepare for the final battle with Cia.


Despite Cia's defeat and apparent death (though it is revealed in Hyrule Warriors Legends that Cia survived), Midna remains cursed and returns to her own time with Agitha following Cia's defeat, though she later returns to aid the Hyrulean Forces against Ganondorf and his army before returning back to her era. It is unknown if Midna ever regained her true form, though it is likely given Ganon's defeat and Cia's subsequent redemption during the following conflict with Phantom Ganon.


Twili Midna Mirror - HW

In her true form, Twili Midna possesses incredible power to the point she discards the use of the Fused Shadow as she no longer needs to rely on its dark power, implying that her true form's power is even greater. Being the True Ruler of Twilight, Twili Midna possess powers known only to the Twili people which she can strengthen via the ancient mirrors she wields and is capable of completely destroying the Mirror of Twilight. However despite her power, she is shown to be vulnerable to the curses which causes her to take on her cursed imp form. In her true form she possesses most of her imp form's abilities, though on a greater scale such as being able to summon three gigantic Twilight Wolfos. However instead of using her hair to attack enemies, she controls her own unique version of Zant's Hand (which has Midna's black & blue color scheme) to perform actions she had previously used her imp form's hair (such as snapping her fingers when activating her Focus Spirit). Like her imp form, she can create Twilight Portals, use Twilight magic, and levitate. She can use her Twilight Portals to summon objects (such as Kakariko Bridge) and weapons (such as the Sky Cannon) to attack enemies with. Though she no longer requires the Fused Shadow, she can still use the Fused Shadow's spear that she uses in her eldritch form. As she attacks, her Twilight gauge fills up which increases the speed at which she can charge her Strong Attack. Her Strong Attack allows her to create a massive field of Twilight energy (similar to the field she uses to help Wolf Link attack multiple targets in Twilight Princess) that will damage any enemies caught within it when it is fully charged. Though powerful her Strong Attack charges slowly when her Twilight Gauge is empty as its charging speed is based on how full the gauge is, so it is best used when the gauge is full.

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Moveset and Weapons


Dark Twili Midna

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Hyrule Warriors Twili Midna Dark Twili Midna (Dialog Box Portrait)

Dark Twili Midna from Hyrule Warriors

Dark Twili Midna (ダーク真のミドナ Dāku Shin no Midona?, Dark True Midna) is a Dark shadowy doppelgänger of Twili Midna. While she has no role in the main story in Hyrule Warriors and only appears as an enemy in Adventure Mode, she does appear in Linkle's Tale: Her True Self in Hyrule Warriors Legends as a doppelgänger of Twili Midna created by out of control dark Twilight magic along with Dark Zant. She uses the same moveset and drops the same materials as Twili Midna.

Material drops

Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors Materials Midna's Hair (Sivler Material)
Hyrule Warriors Materials Midna's Fused Shadow (Gold Material)

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Hyrule Warriors Legends Materials Twili Midna's Hairpin (Silver Material)
Hyrule Warriors Legends Materials Twili Midna's Robe (Gold Material)

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