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Trial on the Cliff is a Shrine quest in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The quest is obtained automatically upon entry of the North Lomei Labyrinth in the northeast Tabantha Tundra (easily visible on the Sheikah Slate's Map) and is completed once Link activates the Qaza Tokki Shrine at its center. The quickest way to the shrine is to climb the walls of the labyrinth and navigate to the area above the shrine directly in the middle. From there, head directly east and on either side of the two-block-wide path are two symmetric "c" shaped openings - looking down into the opening on the right reveals a blocked off section of the labyrinth containing several Electric Chuchus. In the north wall of this section is a gap which Link can use the Paraglider to access, landing on an elevated pathway. Following the pathway left (north) and up a set of stairs leads to a room containing the shrine.

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