"These particularly clever monsters bury themselves in deep sand or snow and disguise themselves as treasure chests. Anyone who approaches the chests is attacked. The treasure chests are not magnetic, which proves that they are actually a part of these monsters' bodies."
Hyrule Compendium

Treasure Octorok are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are a clever subspecies of Octorok that hides in sand or snow disguised as a buried Treasure Chest to take advantage of people's avarice. They attack anyone who approaches their chest, springing out of the ground damaging Link before fleeing. If their treasure chest is hit by an Arrow they will jump up out of curiousity before attempting to flee from Link and after a while will escape by burrowing into the ground. Unlike other Octoroks that do not spit any projectiles and are quite cowardly, though will still die with a single hit.

There are several ways to reveal a buried chest is actually a Treasure Octorok. The first method involves using the Magnesis Rune which is normally used to dig up buried metal chests. As their Treasure Chests are non-metallic and are actually an organic part of its body, they do not glow with the Magnesis Rune is used, proving they are not buried treasure chests. Another way involves the Camera Rune which when viewing a normal buried treasure chest will identify it as a Treasure Chest and Hyrule Compendium entry. When a buried treasure octorok is viewed via the Camera Rune, it is not identified as a Treasure Chest or even a Hyrule Compendium entry as Link can only take a Treasure Octoroks picture to add it to the compendium when it is above ground. Alternatively, Link can just shoot the chest with an arrow and if it is a Treasure Octorok it will produce a different sound effect when struck and the Octorok will rise from the ground out of curiousity. However the easiest method to determine if it is real or a Treasure Octorok is to don the Champion's Tunic which shows the Treasure Octorok's number of Hit Points even while camouflaged.

Treasure Octoroks are one of the few enemies in Breath of the Wild that drop Rupees when killed along with Yiga Footsoldiers. Treasure Octoroks can randomly drop Green, Blue, Red, Purple, and rarely Silver Rupees. In addition to Rupees they also drop standard Octorok monster parts Octo Balloons, Octorok Eyeballs, and Octorok Tentacles. They can commonly be found in the sands of Gerudo Desert and snow of Gerudo Highlands, though they may appear in sandy beaches such as Korne Beach and even non-sandy areas such as Guchini Plain. Treasure Octoroks not in sandy locations will camouflage their fake Treasure Chests accordingly based on the local environment.

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