Traysi is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She can be found in multiple locations across Hyrule. Traysi is a journalist for the Hyrulean publication "Rumor Mill" which contains information on various rumors Traysi has heard or investigated during her travels.


Traysi is shown to believe in the existence of fantastical or mythical creatures such as Dragon and Glowing Bunnies. She puts a lot of trust in stories heard from children since she views them as pure hearted. Although she is adventurous and persistent, Traysi understands the dangerousness to venture into Hyrule Castle to investigate an old legend of hidden rooms, and she knows that the legendary Master Sword can only be wielded by the Hero.

The Master Trials

Upon The Master Trials DLC pack installation, a new task is unlocked requiring Link to go and search for two issues of the Super Rumor Mill written by Traysi. They contain key information for the side quests "EX Strange Mask Rumors" and "EX Teleportation Rumors!".

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