"In this tower dwell the people of the Wind Tribe. We left your surface world long ago to serve a greater duty. We now protect the gate to the Palace of Winds, where the Wind Element lies."

The Tower is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Located in the Cloud Tops, it is home to the Wind Tribe. Long ago, the Wind Tribe left the Wind Ruins of Hyrule to move to the Cloud Tops where they constructed the Tower and the Palace of Winds.

When Link fuses Kinstones with the Stranger in Hyrule Town, a portal opens in South Hyrule Field, leading to the Tower. Here, Link meets many members of the Wind Tribe, including the ill Gregal and their leader, Siroc. Also inside the Tower can be found many Treasure Chests containing Kinstones. On the roof of the Tower, a large whirlwind-esque updraft can be found, boosting Link up to the Palace of Winds.

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