"Long ago, I met this delightful little guy who performed the most dazzling magic dance... a dance that turned night into day right before my very eyes!"
— Tott

Tott is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He lives on Windfall Island and dreams of becoming a professional dancer. He dances day and night before a stone monument atop a hill on the island. His clothing is based on one of the famous attires of Elvis Presley and his many impersonators.


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When Link first meets Tott, he is swaying from side to side in front of a stone monument, almost dancing to a nonexistent tune. At the time, he is trying to change night to day by dancing to a particular beat. After Link receives the Wind Waker, and shows it to Tott, he immediately changes his dance routine to one that seems to be directions for Link to conduct the Wind Waker. When Link plays the correct tune, he learns the "Song of Passing". Though Link is successful, Tott cannot change night to day but continues to attempt to do so by continuously dancing.

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