"I am Tokkey. I research time. After many years of research, I'm one step away from perfecting a tune that lets one move forward in time, but it seems I've hit a roadblock. "Echoes produce waves..." What could it mean?"
— Tokkey

Tokkey is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. He is a researcher of music living in a secret cave in Talus Lake near Symmetry City.


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To reach Tokkey's secret room, Link has to dive in a remote spot of deep water in Talus Lake, guarded by River Zoras. After navigating the Cheep-Cheep-infested underwater tunnel, Link comes to Tokkey's home. When they meet, Tokkey is studying how to control the flow of time with music; however, he cannot get any further with his research because he is missing one key element. If Link plays the "Tune of Echoes" on the Harp of Ages when situated on the spot right in front of him, Tokkey is inspired by the tune and finally unlocks the final piece of the puzzle. With his newfound inspiration, he composes the "Tune of Currents", a song that allows Link to travel from Past to Present, but not the other way around. He subsequently leaves his cave to further study music in other areas of Labrynna.

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