The Thunderstorm Rod is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a magical rod filled with thunder power. Link can obtained it by defeating Thunder Wizzrobes, though he may also encounter Electric Wizzrobes wielding them as well.

It harnesses the power of electricity to shock enemies and is stronger than the Lightning Rod as it produces three lighting balls instead of one as well as having greater durability and base attack power, though is still weak when used as a melee weapon.

One Thunderstorm Rod spawns the western portion of Rabella Wetlands near a ruined column. However a Bokoblin can be found standing right next to it, apparently celebrating finding such a weapon. The Bokoblin may pick it up and wield it if it spots Link. This weapon occasionally respawns if Link revisits the area, though the Bokoblin will only reappear after being revived by a Blood Moon.

It was known as the Thunder Rod in early builds of the game.

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