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This page lists secrets and unlockables in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.


In total, there are four bottles located throughout the game. Link can obtain these bottles by:

Location Notes
Ordon Village After giving Sera's cat a fish, go to her shop to be given the first bottle in the game.
Faron Woods After listening to the Light Spirit, Faron, and being told to go to the Forest Temple, talk to Coro, who will sell Link a bottle filled with Lantern Oil for 100 rupees.
Lake Hylia Use the Fishing Rod Link obtained from Colin while near the sign in Hena's Fishing Hole, which warns against littering to obtain a bottle.
Hyrule Castle Town After obtaining 20 Poe Souls, Link can talk to Jovani and is rewarded a bottle filled with Great Fairy's Tears.

Banzai Bill Cameo

Fyer, the man who runs Fyer and Falbi's Watertop Land of Fantastication, has a picture of an enemy from the Mario series called a Banzai Bill on his shirt.

Cave of Ordeals Shortcut

In certain releases of the game, there is a shortcut that can be accessed if Link uses the Gale Boomerang to put out the two torches at the start of a room. If this is done, the door in the following room will be open, even though there are still enemies in the room. This is not possible when entering the first floor or any of the Great Fairy's chambers, as there are no torches for Link to extinguish.

Control Cuccos

If Link damages a Cucco ten times with any weapon, he will take control of the Cucco for a short time.

Dead Hyrulean Soldiers

If Link goes to the grave in Hyrule Castle Graveyard that says "The Cursed Swordsman... lies behind... the sacred tree." Turn to the left and go up to a tree at the point where two fences meet. As Wolf Link, use the Sense view and Link will see a few dead Hylian guards, pointing towards a dent in the earth. Link must use a bomb on this to reveal a switch which opens one of the gatehouses. Link must light the torch within using his Lantern to make the rain stop before quickly running to the other gatehouse and lighting the torches outside before the rain starts again. Lighting both torches opens the gatehouse and once Link moves the two Owl Statues he can read a clue which tells him that the spectres point where the door opens. If he returns to Wolf form and uses his senses, heading back toward where he entered the graveyard he will find three more dead Guards pointing toward two indents in the rock. Link must move the Owl Statues here to create platforms leading to a chest containing a small key. However, oddly enough, this key is not required to complete Hyrule Castle. This key can be used to access a room near the boss door. Also, rather than fighting several enemies to get a key to access the castle, this key can be used as a shortcut.

Fast Kills

Link can use the Ending Blow to kill the Deku Toad in one shot. Make Link kill all of the young, dodge the toad's falling body and go to the front of the toad. Auto-target the tongue, with Link's sword drawn, and use finish. The Deku Toad dies instantly.

Note that this technique of finishing with an Ending Blow can also be performed on most, if not all.

Frog Lure

To get the Frog Lure, Link must beat all the levels in the Roll Goal minigame that is in the Fishing Pond's building in Zora's Domain. This can be very difficult. The Frog Lure is not required to beat the normal quest, it is optional.

Golden Bugs

Hidden throughout the game are twenty-four Golden Bugs, twelve of which are male and twelve of which are female. Link can bring them to Agitha for rewards. When Link is near one of these bugs, a distinct chime noise will continually sound. They are easier to find during nighttime due to their golden glow, which gives away their positions.

The following locations are from the GameCube release of the game. The entire game is mirrored in the Wii release, so all east/west directions should be reversed if playing on this console.

(Also- many of the Golden Bugs have wings, and move rapidly, making them somewhat difficult to catch.)

Golden Bug Location Notes Image
Ant (Male) Kakariko Graveyard On a tree in the northwest side of the graveyard.
Golden Male Ant
Ant (Female) Kakariko Village On the floor of a house on the western side of the village. It is the only house on this side without a boarded-up door.
Golden Female Ant
Mantis (Male) Hyrule Field (Lanayru Province) On a pillar at the northern end of the Great Bridge of Hylia.
Golden Male Mantis
Mantis (Female) Hyrule Field (Lanayru Province) South of the Great Bridge of Hylia, under a rock overhang and some Chus. Link must use the Gale Boomerang or the Clawshot to draw the bug to him, as it rests too high for him to grab it.
Golden Female Mantis
Butterfly (Male) Hyrule Field (Lanayru Province) In the southern end of the area outside Hyrule Castle Town's western entrance, fluttering about a patch of flowers.
Golden Male Butterfly
Butterfly (Female) Hyrule Field (Lanayru Province) On a high ledge next to the path leading west from Hyrule Castle Town's western entrance. Link must use the Clawshot to reach the ledge, or use the Gale Boomerang to retrieve the bug from below.
Golden Female Butterfly
Phasmid (Male) Hyrule Field (Eldin Province) On one of the pillars at the southern end of the Bridge of Eldin.
Golden Male Phasmid
Phasmid (Female) Hyrule Field (Eldin Province) On a cliff face over the Bridge of Eldin.
Golden Female Phasmid
Dayfly (Male) Gerudo Desert A short distance behind the gate to the Bulblin Camp.
Golden Male Dayfly
Dayfly (Female) Gerudo Desert In the southwest corner of the desert, in the middle of the three large trenches near the Gerudo Mesa Twilight Portal.
Golden Female Dayfly
Stag Beetle (Male) Hyrule Field (Lanayru Province) On a lone tree in northern Hyrule Field.
Golden Male Stag Beetle
Stag Beetle (Female) Hyrule Field (Lanayru Province) In northern Hyrule Field, above a cave on the way to the entrance to Zora's Domain. Link must use the Gale Boomerang or the Clawshot to draw the bug to him.
Golden Female Stag Beetle
Ladybug (Male) Hyrule Field (Lanayru Province) South of Hyrule Castle Town's southern entrance, near the tall rock.
Golden Male Ladybug
Ladybug (Female) Hyrule Field (Lanayru Province) In a flowerbed to the east of the fountain right outside Hyrule Castle Town's southern entrance.
Golden Female Ladybug
Grasshopper (Male) Hyrule Field (Eldin Province) Outside the northern entrance to Kakariko Village, near where the brown dirt meets the grass.
Golden Male Grasshopper
Grasshopper (Female) Hyrule Field (Eldin Province) North of Kakariko Village's northern entrance, on the edge closest to Hyrule Castle.
Golden Female Grasshopper
Beetle (Male) Hyrule Field (Faron Province) In a small earthy area south and just to the east of a small bridge.
Golden Male Beetle
Beetle (Female) Hyrule Field (Faron Province) On a ledge near the crossroads leading to Kakariko Village.
Golden Female Beetle
Pill Bug (Male) Hyrule Field (Eldin Province) At the southern end of the bridge over Kakariko Gorge.
Golden Male Pill Bug
Pill Bug (Female) Hyrule Field (Eldin Province) In a patch of flowers east of the northern end of the bridge over Kakariko Gorge.
Golden Female Pill Bug
Snail (Male) Sacred Grove On the ceiling of the tunnel in the southern end of the area.
Golden Male Snail
Snail (Female) Temple of Time On the wall to the left of the stairs inside the Temple of Time.
Golden Female Snail
Dragonfly (Male) Zora's Domain In a patch of grass near the Mother-and-Child Rocks.
Golden Male Dragonfly
Dragonfly (Female) Upper Zora's River Outside of the Boat Rental Cabin, near the bridge. Link must use the Gale Boomerang or the Clawshot to draw the bug to him.
Golden Female Dragonfly


When given a Golden Bug, Agitha rewards Link as follows.

Golden Bugs Reward
1 The Big Wallet, which allows Link to hold 600 Rupees.
The first bug of its species 50 rupees.
The second bug of its species 100 rupees.
24 The Giant's Wallet, which allows Link to hold 1,000 Rupees.

Harvesting Pumpkins

If Link smashes an Ordon Pumpkin, a baby pumpkin grows where the original was. Baby pumpkins cannot be smashed or picked up, but if Link fills a bottle with water and pours it over, the baby pumpkin will grow instantly.


The Hawkeye is used to see far away, like a telescope. It can be combined with the Hero's Bow to shoot arrows accurately at long distances. To obtain it, Link must first complete the Goron Mines. Then he can play a mini-game by talking to Talo in Kakariko Village. This entails shooting two targets, then hitting the very distant pole on the tower where Talo stands. Once completed, Link can enter the nearby Malo Mart and buy the Hawkeye for 100 Rupees. This item is not necessary in order to finish the game.

Hidden Skills

Hidden throughout the game are Hidden Skills that the Hero's Shade can teach Link. Their locations are given to Link once he has sung in front of the corresponding Howling Stone, once finished the song the location will be revealed on the Map by showing the White Wolf Icon. Go to that location and the Golden Wolf will be waiting for Link to arrive. There are seven in total.

Hidden Skill Location Howling Stone Notes
1 Entrance to the Forest Temple N/A The skill taught here is the "Ending Blow".
2 Ordon Spring Death Mountain The skill taught here is the "Shield Attack".
3 Eastern entrance to Hyrule Castle Town Upper Zora's River The skill taught here is the "Back Slice".
4 Gerudo Desert Lake Hylia The skill taught here is the "Helm Splitter".
5 Southern entrance to Hyrule Castle Town Sacred Grove The skill taught here is the "Mortal Draw".
6 Kakariko Graveyard Snowpeak Trail The skill taught here is the "Jump Strike".
7 Entrance to Hyrule Castle Hidden Village The skill taught here is the "Great Spin".

Master Fisherman

On the wall of Hena's cabin in the Fishing Hole is a picture of the Pond Owner from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, holding a Hylian Loach. Once you look at this picture, Hena will begin to scratch herself similarly to the Pond Owner.

Pieces of Heart

In total, there are 45 pieces of heart hidden throughout the game. The best way to locate them is to talk to the fortune teller in Hyrule Castle Town. If Link ask her to tell him about the "Love" in his future, she will show him an image of an area where a Piece of Heart is hidden.

Piece of Heart Location Requirements Notes
1 Faron Woods Lantern On the way to save Talo, Link will come to a large area with various monsters in it. In the northwest section of the map will be a small path. This path will take Link into a cave where a chest holding a Small Key is located. Beside the chest are two poles that can be lit on fire with the Lantern. Lighting both of them will result in another chest appearing that contains the first Piece of Heart in the game.
2 Forest Temple none In the room to the west of the main hub (the second room Link goes in) on the left side from the entrance is a Deku Like blocking the way to the piece of heart. Go to the top of the room and drop a Bombling in the Deku Like. Then go into the previously locked room open the chest containing the piece of heart.
3 Forest Temple Gale Boomerang Go to the room with the Tile Worms where the 4 lit torches are holding up some platforms.Use the Gale Boomerang to put out the torches.All 4 platforms will sink,revealing a secret alcove.Open the chest here for a Piece of Heart.
4 Southern Hyrule Field Gale Boomerang In Southern Hyrule Field, there is a wooden bridge crossing over a watered area. At the south end of this bridge there are a group of trees look up and use the Gale Boomerang to take the Piece of Heart.
5 Hyrule Field near the Faron Woods entrance Gale Boomerang In Southern Hyrule Field, on the southern side of Kakariko Gorge, go up the bank to a fenced overlook. There Link will see a tree and a tall pointy rock. Use the boomerang to take the Piece of Heart from atop the tall rock.
6 Ordon Village Epona After Link has obtained the Iron Boots from Bo he can go to Fado and help him herd the goats. When it's finished Fado will reward Link with a Heart Piece.
7 Goron Mines Iron Boots After Link talks to the first Goron and gets the first piece of the keyshard climb the ladder and leave the room. In the next room activate the switch. Link will be taken up to the ceiling. Follow the path on the left and walk all the way back to the north. Link will find a treasure chest. It contains a Heart Piece.
8 Goron Mines Iron Boots In the room with the two Beamos, when Link walks up the magnetic wall turn back towards the gate to find a platform with a chest containing a Piece of Heart.
9 Kakariko Village Hero's Bow After defeating Fyrus, Link can use a Goron in the northern area of Kakariko Village to reach the highest point of the village. Here, Talo will be watching for any enemies that might invade the village. If Link talks to him, he will want to be shown how to use a bow. Agreeing to this, Link will enter a minigame where he has to shoot two targets and a pole where Talo is located from near Renado's house. Hitting the pole will result in Malo giving Link a Piece of Heart.
10 Kakariko Village Iron Boots, Bombs Near the spring in the southern area of the village is a boulder. Link can destroy this boulder by using a bomb on it, which can be purchased from Barnes, which will give access to a deep pool of water. Using the Iron Boots, Link can sink to the bottom of the pool of water and open a treasure chest containing a Piece of Heart.
11 Kakariko Village Bomb Arrow Combo Atop the cliff in which the entrance to the cave mentioned above is another boulder will be in front of a small tree. Using the Hero's Bow combined with a bomb to shoot this will reveal a piece of heart. Use the Gale Boomerang to get it down. Alternatively, the Clawshot can be used to get it, but this can only be done if Link is sitting on Epona, due to the height of this Piece of Heart.
12 Hyrule Field(Eldin) Hero's Bow & Bombs Combo When entering Hyrule Field from Kakariko Village (the same direction as where Link had to fight King Bulblin) Link should see a bombable rock to the (Wii) Left, or (Gamecube) Right. Follow the path and remember to roll of the edges to jump farther and grab the vines. Bomb the rock above the second vine. At the end of the path look down and the should be a chest. Jump down and open it for a Piece of Heart.
13 Fishing Hole 20 Rupees Go to the Fishing Hole that is located in the Upper Zora's River, around the place where Link can rent a canoe. Go to the fishing hole and pay the 20 rupees to fish. While fishing, Link'll see an arch of rock sticking out of the water. On the rock is a Piece of Heart. Cast out to hook it and reel it in.
14 Lake Hylia Wolf Form Find any Hawk Grass and howl to play Plumm's Balloon Popping Game. Score over 10,000 to get the Piece of Heart. (Hint: Go only for the Strawberries.)
15 Lakebed Temple Clawshot After defeat Deku Toad, go to the main circular room in the first floor, Link will see a big chandelier, aim the clawshot at the target and open the chest.
16 Lakebed Temple Clawshot Down the water in the door with a red shape, cross the passage and when Link enters the room. If Link diverted the water into this room, the bridge will rise, allowing Link to cross it. Stand on the switch, and clawshot into the alcove with the chest.
17 Hyrule Castle Town 1000 Rupees In West Castle Town (East Castle Town on the Wii), Link will see a man with green clothes, donate 1000 Rupees to him and then Link will be reward with a Piece of Heart. This will take awhile.
18 Gerudo Desert (Enemy Fortress) Swords Link sees a boar being cooked in the northwest of the fortress. If he attacks it, health hearts will fly out. If he attacks long enough to destroy the boar, it explodes and releases a Piece of Heart(If Link has learned the Mortal Draw, it will destroy the pig in one hit).
19 Snowpeak none Beat Yeta in the race.
20 Hidden Village Wolf Form Talk with the Cucco Leader to play the minigame. Link must talk with all 20 cats in the village. This can only be done after Link defeats the Bulblins first and after Link talks to Impaz. Leave and come back a few days later.
21 North Hyrule Field Bombs, Ball and Chain Near a Golden bug, Link will see a rock. Blow it up and an entrance will appear. Inside there is an ice puzzle; complete the puzzle to win a Piece of Heart.
22 Lake Hylia Bombs, Lantern Near the Howling Stone there should be a rock in the wall. Bomb this rock and enter the cave. Be careful not to fall. In one room of the cave there will be two torches. Light them to make the treasure chest appear and grab the Heart Piece.
23 Lake Hylia Lantern In the same cave as the previous heart piece. At the complete end of the cave there will be two torches. Light them to make the treasure chest appear and grab the Heart Piece.
24 Northern Hyrule Field toward Eldin Bridge Spinner, Wolf Form, Bombs On the path to North Eldin Bridge Link will see a rail for the spinner, ride it, and Link will go to a ledge. Turn into a wolf and dig in the center of the grass circle. Link will drop down into a cavern with 3 Stalfos. Defeat them and a chest with the heart in it will appear.
25 Hyrule Field Spinner, Bombs North of the Great Bridge of Hylia, there is a shortcut to North Hyrule Field if Link bombs the rocks in the way. Use the Spinner on the series of rails along the walls to get to a ledge with the heart in a chest.
26 Hyrule Field (Eldin) Clawshot, Iron Boots On the east wall there is a target for the clawshot. Walk along the ledge until reaching a cave. Equip the iron boots and look down to see a magnet beam like the ones in the Goron mines. Jump off the ledge into the beam and it will take Link to another ledge. Drop down and jump into the second beam. Drop down again and another beam appears. Lit the torches to make a chest appear. Open the chest for a piece of heart.
27 Lake Hylia 20 Rupees Go to Fyer and pay him to get into the cannon. He will shoot Link to a House. (Or, alternatively, go to the house directly from the Great Bridge of Hylia) Go inside and talk to Falbi to play a mini-game. Grab a Cucco and fly straight ahead. Look down and Link will see the large building in the shape of a pyramid. Don't land on the top with the rotating platform but a bit lower. Open the chest and a Heart Piece will show up.
28 Lake Hylia Clawshot, Lantern Go inside the Spirits cave and walk up to Link's left (Right for the Gamecube). Link will see some vines. Clawshot them and get up. Walk a bit further until Link sees a Door. Enter the door. Use the lantern to light the torches and a chest will appear. It will contain a Heart Piece.
29 Arbiters Ground none When Link enters the main room with the four blue torches go to the left side (Right for the Gamecube) and walk all the way back until Link see's a large chest. Inside is a Heart Piece.
30 Kakariko Village 1000 Rupees After completing the Lakebed Temple go to Kakariko Village and go to Malo Mart. One of the Elder Goron's will ask Link if he wants to donate 1000 rupees to repair the Bridge. Once Link has done this go to Castle Town and go to the West side (East for the Gamecube). He will find a Goron sitting there on the Bridge and should talk to him. Now return to Kakariko Village and talk to the Elderly Goron sitting outside Malo Mart. He will ask Link a favor. Link must bring Hot Spring Water to the Goron he talked to on the Bridge. If Link accepts the challenge he will be transported to Hyrule field with a big ton of water. The trick is not to stay in the middle but go right (left for Gamecube) and walk as near the edge as possible. There are two bulblin archers in the way. Stop and put the water down. Shoot the first Bulblin to kill him and then pick up the ton and walk further. Do the same to the next Bulblin archer and then walk up to the goron. he will ask Link to throw the water at him. Do this. He will leave but come back in a short while and leave a Heart Piece for Link.
31 Arbiter's Ground Spinner After obtaining the Spinner leave the room and use the spinner to go to the next room. Link should use the spinner to get there. Follow the trail up to the chest. Open it to get the Heart Piece.
32 Snowpeak Ruins Ball and Chain After Link has obtained the Ball and Chain and has found the Ordon cheese and returned to Yeta she will open another door. Walk up and take out the two freezards and then the mini freezards. Link will see an open room with no wall. Link should wack to the back with back towards the locked door. Use the ball and chain and throw it. This will make a large hole in the ground. Drop in and take out the Heart Piece from the chest
33 Snowpeak Ruins Ball and Chain This Heart Container is above the main room Link enters when Link first enters the Snowpeak Ruins. Hit the first Chandelier with his ball and chain. Jump on it but don't jump further until Link takes out the enemy. Link should turn to his left (right for the gamecube) and hit the next chandelier. Jump on it and do the same to the other chandelier. Jump on a small ledge and open the chest for the Piece of Heart
34 Death Mountain none After Link finishes the Goron Mines, he should go back to the first Goron where he will lift Link up to the higher ground. Walk up to the next Goron and talk to him to have him lift Link. When Link stands on his back he should turn to the right (left for the Gamecube)and Link should grab the edge once he is thrown into the air. Walk straight ahead and soon Link will see a hole in the wall. Jump in it and open the chest for the Heart Piece
35 Faron Woods Bombs, Dominion Rod Link should look to his right (left for the gamecube) side. Blow the rock and walk on. Have link Move the statue |with his Dominion Rod and place it in the nearby spot. Have Link hange into a wolf and Midna will help him climb. After a |short while Link will reach a higher point and Link will find a chest with a Heart Piece
36 Temple of Time Dominion Rod At the first entrance of the Temple with the two big statues (those Link had to place back during the mini-game Link played earlier) there are stairs leading up to the door. On the left side of the stairs there should be a statue. Move it and get inside to find the chest containing the Heart Piece.
37 Temple of Time Dominion Rod The room where Link had to shoot arrows to move the blocking walls (not the first room with the two Laser beams, but the second one). Link should guide the statue back with his Dominion Rod so he places it on the switch to remove the electric barrier blocking a chest. This chest contains a Heart Piece
38 Temple of Time Dominion Rod After Link obtains the Dominion Rod go back to the room with the platform that moves up and down. Grab the statues and place them on the switches and enter the door Link entered earlier to obtain the key. Kill the enemies and look carefully. There should be two small trails at each side of the wall. One has a small statue in it; move it with the rod and make it walk down until it reaches a switch. Throw a statue on the other trail on the other side and move it with the rod the same way. This will make the treasure chest fall down and the Heart Piece is inside.
39 Sacred Grove Bombs Link can only do this after he has obtained the Master Sword. When he gets the sword Link should return to the garden with the statues and look for a small entry on the left side (right for GameCube). This will take him back to the same place he fought the Skull Kid earlier. Bomb the boulder and change into a wolf. Kill the Poe which comes out and dig into the ground. Change back into a human and kill all the Deku Baba's. This will make a treasure chest appear with the Heart Piece.
40 City in the Sky Double Clawshot Further in the game when Link has to climb up all the way with his double clawshot he will enter a room with a large Deku Plant. Kill it and throw a bomb in it. Kill the other plants and the annoying keeses which will attack Link. Use the clawshot and climb up to the first ledge. Follow the path to the left and kill the deku plant. Go to the small ledge. Climb until Link reaches steady ground again. Watch out fot the hanging enemy: right behind it there should be a treasure chest with the Heart Piece.
41 City in the Sky Clawshot Get to the 39th Heart Piece and keep going. Kill the enemy and go outside. Link will have to cross a lot of platforms by using the peahats. There is one treasure chest Link cannot reach. After a while Link will be directed to another door. Go through this door and use the peahats to get to the other side. Turn to the left (right for gamecube) and clawshot the other way by using the peahats. This will lead Link to another door. Enter it to go outside again like earlier but now Link can reach the treasure chest he was not able to reach earlier with a Heart Piece.
42 Twilight Palace Light Sword, Clawshot Link can only obtain this when Link retruns the sols to get the light in his sword. Go inside the building he entered to obtain the first sol. In the first room walk to the back and look at the right side (left for gamecube). Swing his sword to make the fog go away. Use his clawshot to get up on the ledge to reach the chest with the Heart Piece.
43 Twilight Palace none Go to the building where Link found the second sol. Go to the first room and walk to the foggy area. Kill the keeses then swing the sword to make a platform appear on Link's left side (right for the gamecube). It will lift him up to a ledge with a Heart Piece.
44 Kakariko Gorge Double Clawshot This one is at the same location as the fifth heart piece. Stand near the edge and clawshot Link by targetting at the point. Be careful, Link needs to target the right spots. Following the right spots will lead you to a chest with the Heart Piece.
45 Eldin Bridge Dominion Rod On the Eldin Bridge Link will find the statue he must move to obtain one of the missing pages. Now move the statue to the other side of the bridge and make it drop down. Position it right so he can jump on it to the other side. Behind it there will be a ladder. Climb the ladder and take out the Bulblin archer and open the chest with the Heart Piece.

Poe Souls

After talking to Jovani in Hyrule Castle Town, Link can take the souls of Poes in his wolf form to help Jovani break free from his curse. Collecting certain amounts will allow Link to receive rewards from Jovani. In total, Link can obtain 60 Poe Souls and get an unlimited amount of Rupees.

Poe Soul Location
1 In Jovani's house.
2 In Arbiter's Grounds
3 In Arbiter's Grounds
4 In Arbiter's Grounds
5 In Arbiter's Grounds
6 In a cave nearby Kakariko Field
7 In a cave nearby Lake Hylia's Howling Stone
8 In a cave nearby Lake Hylia's Howling Stone
9 In a cave nearby Lake Hylia's Howling Stone
10 Gerudo Desert at night
11 Gerudo Desert at night
12 Snowpeak Area
13 Snowpeak Ruins
14 Snowpeak Ruins
15 Snowpeak Ruins
16 Sacred Grove under a rock
17 Six floor scale room in Temple of Time
18 Third floor elevator room Temple of Time
19 Temple of Time behind a statue
20 Third floor City in the Sky
21 Near Big Key room City in the Sky
22 Nearby Sacred Grove
23 Sacred Grove near Master Sword pedestal
24 Kakariko Graveyard at night
25 Barnes' destroyed storage Kakariko Village
26 Death Mountain trail
27 Zora's Waterfall on a ledge
28 Zora's Domain
29 Zora's River
30 Hyrule Field on a stone bridge
31 Hyrule Field nearby the stone bridge in a cave
32 Hyrule Field nearby the stone bridge in a cave
33 Hyrule Field near Kakariko Gorge
34 Hyrule Field south of Hyrule Castle Town
35 Hyrule Field near Castle Town
36 Hyrule Field on a cliff to the north
37 Hyrule Field near a warp portal
38 Lake Hylia
39 Lake Hylia on a patch of land
40 Lake Hylia on a grassy ledge
41 Lake Hylia on a ledge to the north
42 Lake Hylia base of lookout tower
43 Gerudo Desert near a dead tree
44 Gerudo Desert in cave
45 Gerudo Desert in cave
46 Gerudo Desert
47 Gerudo Desert
48 Gerudo Desert at the entrance to Cave of Ordeals
49 Gerudo Desert
50 Cave of Ordeals 17th floor
51 Cave of Ordeals 33rd floor
52 Cave of Ordeals 44th floor
53 Lantern Cavern number one near Kakariko Gorge
54 Faron Woods to the north
55 Snowpeak Area
56 Hyrule Field in Lanayru Province
57 Hidden Village
58 Kakariko Village
59 Kakariko Village at night
60 Kakariko Graveyard under a grave


Poe Souls Reward
20 Go back to Jovani to be rewarded a bottle filled with Great Fairy's Tears.
60 Go back to Jovani to be rewarded 200 Rupees. Link can now have an unlimited amount of Rupees as every time he talks to Jovani's cat in his wolf form, he will be given another 200 Rupees.

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