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Rising Darkness Poster

Official Poster for Rising Darkness. Artwork by Issac J. Litman

The Legend of Zelda: Rising Darkness is a non-canon fan-film based off of the Legend of Zelda series. The movie began its filming in early 2012, and is now in post-production.


The land of Hyrule has inexplicably begun to die. The grass and trees are dying, and monsters are beginning to appear everywhere. Link a young blacksmith from the southernmost parts of Hyrule must journey to Hyrule Castle to formally request military aid for his home village. Upon nearing the castle, he learns it has been overrun by the Dark Lord Ganondorf, the lovely Princess Zelda has been captured, and he is the only one who can bring peace to Hyrule. Link climbs high mountains, journeys through vast deserts, and finds his way through deep forests on a quest to find his courage and save Hyrule.


Link: Link is a young, somewhat timid, blacksmith from southern Hyrule. While he doesn't seek out danger, he will do whatever it takes to save the ones he cares about. This is why he agrees to leave his village to seek the Princess's help. Little does he know that he has more courage than any other man in Hyrule.

Zelda: Princess Zelda is the young ruler of Hyrule. She is strong, courageous, and carries a deep wisdom of the legends of Hyrule. She was forced to grow up very fast in leu of her father's death, so while she remains the strongest force opposing evil in Hyrule, she has a chid-like fear, an a child's sense of wonder at the heroic legends coming true before her eyes.

Faronu: Faronu is Link's childhood friend and nearly a brother. His Father is the mayor of their hometown Faridon. He is rash in his decisions and always seeks out adventure, but his adventure will entail more sacrifice than he could have ever thought.

Impa: Impa is princess Zelda's most trusted servant and friend. She is sent by the princess to find the hero chosen by the gods. She is quick, lethal, and knows more about Hyrule than many of its greatest scholars.

Valdrick: Valdrick is the second in command over Ganondorf's legions. He desperately strives to please Ganondorf's cruel wishes in hopes of recognition and glory. He hopes that Ganondorf will reward him by making him ruler over a small kingdom.

Ganondorf: Ganondorf is a centuries old Dark Lord who is kept alive by a stolen relic of the goddesses, and an irreversible curse. He will stop an nothing until he gains power over both the light and dark worlds.

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