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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (ゼルダの伝説 ブレス オブ ザ ワイルド Zeruda no Densetsu: Buresu obu za Wairudo?) is an upcoming installment in the Legend of Zelda series in development for the Wii U[1] and the Nintendo Switch. A bare minimum of information is currently available, and its connection to the earlier tech demo for the Wii U, if any, remains unknown. It has been stated, however, that it will not be a "traditional" Zelda title, possibly suggesting that a number of changes will be made to the series formula.

At E3 2014, Shigeru Miyamoto reiterated his ambition to rethink traditional Zelda conventions; in order to achieve this goal, one of the problems he wants to solve is how to create a seamless open world, which may allow players to visit areas in any order, in three dimensions. In addition to revealing the new Zelda title will use a cel-shaded graphics style with proportions and effects akin to those seen in Twilight Princess, the E3 2014 trailer also depicts a massive open world and a cinematic battle between Link wielding a bow from horseback and a large golem-like creature[2].

The game was slated for a 2015 release, but later that year, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma announced that the game would be delayed for a 2016 release, still exclusive to the Wii U.

In April 2016, it was announced that the game had been delayed yet again to 2017, because they were planning to make it a Nintendo Switch launch title as well.

On June 14, 2016, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime revealed a trailer for the game during Nintendo's Treehouse Live presentation that the title for the game would be Breath of the Wild, as well as showing some gameplay showcasing the world that Link can traverse. A female voice is also heard saying "Open your eyes" and "Wake up, Link".

Overworld (The Legend of Zelda Wii U)

Screenshot from the first gameplay trailer

Gameplay shown during this trailer includes Link chopping down a tree to bridge a chasm, climbing up various structures, using the Bow to shoot down various fruit from trees, cooking on a fire, and using a tool to create objects to help him traverse the environment and kill enemies.

The game also appears to have an equipment system, where Link can equip different armor.

Limited voice acting will feature, though Link himself will remain a silent protagonist.[3]


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Link is awakened from his sleep and guided by a mysterious female voice through the ruins of Hyrule. He learns from an Old Man that a being called Calamity Ganon had appeared one hundred years earlier and destroyed much of Hyrule before being sealed in Hyrule Castle. Although Ganon was trapped, his power continues to grow, and Link must defeat him before he breaks free and destroys the rest of Hyrule.

Spoiler warning: Spoilers end here.


Development on the game was underway by 2011.[4] According to Shigeru Miyamoto at E3 2016, a team of over one hundred people is involved in the development of Breath of the Wild, the biggest team ever implied in a Legend of Zelda game. Both studios of Monolith Soft will aid in the game's development.[5] [6]



Legend of Zelda Wii U Gameplay and Star Fox Wii U Teaser - The Game Awards 201404:20

Legend of Zelda Wii U Gameplay and Star Fox Wii U Teaser - The Game Awards 2014

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Title Reactions - IGN Live E3 201602:38

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Title Reactions - IGN Live E3 2016


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