The History of Hyrule: A Chronology is a chapter in Hyrule Historia that was an attempt to link all the games up to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword inside of an in-universe timeline (similar to earlier guides produced by Nintendo for the series (see Hyrule Archives)).

The scholars, historians and storytellers believe that the legends all are part of a universe that split three different ways due to the actions of Link in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


According to Eiji Aonuma in the Wrapping Things Up section;

“The History of Hyrule” allows players to determine where each Zelda game is positioned in the chronology of the series.
One thing to bear in mind, however, is that the question the developers of the Legend of Zelda series asked themselves before starting on a game was, “What kind of game play should we focus on?” rather than “What kind of story should we write?” For example, the theme of Ocarina of Time, the first Zelda game I was involved with, was, “What kind of responsive game play will we be able to create in a 3-D environment?” The theme of Phantom Hourglass, which I helped develop for the Nintendo DS, was, “How can we make the game comfortable to control using the stylus?” Lastly, the theme of Skyward Sword, the latest entry in the series, was, “How can we use the Wii Remote Plus to allow players to freely manipulate the sword?”
Because the games were developed in such a manner, it could be said that Zelda’s story lines were afterthoughts.
As a result, I feel that even the story of “The Legend Begins” in Skyward Sword was something that simply came about by chance.
Flipping through the pages of “The History of Hyrule,” you may even find a few inconsistencies. However, peoples such as the Mogma tribe and items such as the Beetle that appear in Skyward Sword may show up again in other eras. Thus, it is my hope that the fans will be broad minded enough to take into consideration that this is simply how Zelda is made.

A Chronology of Hyrule, Land of the Gods: The History of the Cycle of Rebirth and the Triforce

... This is a telling of tales, passed on through the ages by humans ...

This is an introduction to the history of Hyrule, told chronologically, which weaves together the numerous Legend of Zelda stories. Is it a legend? Is it an accurate history of a cycle of rebirth? There is evidence that the story of The Legend of Zelda begins with Skyward Sword. Up to this point, the legends of Zelda have been surrounded by myth and mystery, but now, with the help of the following information, you will be able to discover for yourself the real history of Hyrule.

Before you delve any further into thiss chapter, read this.

Weaving History

This chronicle merely collects information that is believed to be true at this time, and there are many obscured and unanswered secrets that still lie within the tale. As the stories and storytellers of Hyrule change, so, too, does its history. Hyrule’s history is a continuously woven tapestry of events. Changes that seem inconsequential, disregarded without even a shrug, could evolve at some point to hatch new legends and, perhaps, change this tapestry of history itself.

And The Hero Shall Be Called "Link"...

The heroes of these chronicles all share the name Link. These Links might have been the same person, a series of familial descendents, or a number of heroes with different names entirely. The Links of certain eras may also have been named after the legendary hero. Hylian princesses bearing the name Zelda have also appeared throughout the history of Hyrule. It is likely that the name was handed down through the generations.

Stories not included in the Chronicles

The series contains a few spinoff games, such as Link’s Crossbow Training, that have not been included in these chronicles.

BS Legend of Zelda

Link’s Crossbow Training

A Chronology of The History of Hyrule

The chronology begins with the creation of heaven and earth, immediately followed by the events of Skyward Sword. It splits after Ocarina of Time, with one timeline depicting the events that follow Link’s triumph over Ganon, and the other his defeat. The section of the timeline where Link triumphs is further divided into two separate realities: the Child Era, where Link returns to his original time, and the Adult Era, where the Hero of Time disappears and Ganondorf is free to return unopposed.

The Legend of the Goddesses and the Hero

This world was created by the three goddesses. They did not intend to unite the regions of this world but instead let the inhabitants have free rein of the land. In this world, the three goddesses left behind the omnipotent Triforce . . .

The Creation

The World Created By The Goddesses

This world was created by the three goddesses during a time of chaos. Din, the goddess of power, created the land. Nayru, the goddess of wisdom, created order. Farore, the goddess of courage, created the diverse inhabitants. Upon leaving the world, the goddesses left behind the Triforce: three golden triangles. It is said that any wish the possessor of the Triforce desires will come true . . . The =====The Legacy of The Gods: The Triforce the Three Goddesses The golden goddesses departed from the world they created and left the Triforce in care of the goddess Hylia. It is unknown why the Triforce was left behind.

The Three Goddesses

Din, Nayru, and Farore each left a crest behind. Each of these symbols—the crests of power, wisdom, and courage— can be found in a location related to its respective goddess.

Crest of Din

Crest of Nayru

Crest of Farore

The Onimpotent Triforce

The Triforce grants wishes to those who touch it. Since the Triforce does not distinguish between good or evil, it allows both good and bad wishes. A strong heart, innate ability, and a balance of the three virtues (power, wisdom, and courage) are required to be granted a wish. If one who does not possess the balance of the three virtues touches the Triforce, its three pieces split apart. The finder is left with the piece that personifies what he or she values most. The other two pieces will appear on the hands of two individuals, chosen by the will of the goddess. One must reunite the three pieces in order to obtain true power.

The Ancient Battle

The Goddess Hylia and The Ancient Battle

During the era of the goddess Hylia, many demons arose in pursuit of the Triforce. The leader, Demise, the Demon King, tried to take over the world with his evil powers.

After a battle against the demonic forces, Hylia gathered the humans who had survived, along with the Triforce, onto a plot of land and sent it into the sky. She positioned a heavy barrier of clouds between the island in the sky and the land below to protect the humans and the Triforce. The goddess and the remaining tribes on the Surface battled for their lives against Demise. They were victorious, and they sealed him away.

Sealed in the Land of the Goddess

The land was saved, but the seal that kept the Demon King imprisoned was weak. In an attempt to destroy Demise, the goddess Hylia tried to use the power of the Triforce. However, a goddess cannot wield its power. Thus, the goddess Hylia decided to renounce her divinity and be reborn as a human.

With Hylia’s passing, Impa of the Sheikah tribe was entrusted with watching over the sealed prison of the Demon King until she returned.


It is said that Demise, the most evil of all evil, who commands enough power to destroy the world, appears in each era and looks different to each person who sees him. His ultimate goal is to obtain the Triforce and take over the land with his demonic minions.

The Surface Tribes

Nonhuman tribes, such as the stoneeating Goron.

The Cloud Barrier

The thick, vast expanse of clouds placed between the sky and the land, sealing them away from each other. No one is allowed to pass from one place to the other.

The Sheikah Tribe

One of the tribes that serve the goddess Hylia. They are blithe individuals chosen by the goddess to watch over the sealed Demon King. This role is passed on from one generation to the next.

The Land of Hylia

The center of the world, where the Temple of Hylia was built. This is where the goddess Hylia gathered the surviving humans onto a plot of land and sent them into the sky. It is here, also, where the Demon King was sealed away, which is why the land became known as the Sealed Grounds and the Temple of Hylia as the Sealed Temple.

Skyloft and the Legend of the Goddess

The plot of land Hylia sent into the sky became known as the Isle of the Goddess. The islands in the sky where the surviving humans dwell became known as Skyloft. There the humans lived with guardian birds, known as Loftwings, given to them by Hylia. Only a few individuals on the Surface knew of the existence of the goddess and Skyloft. After a few thousand years, their story was forgotten and became legend.

The Development of Skyloft

During the ancient battle, the humans had no choice but to flee the Surface to survive. On Skyloft, they developed a militia and slowly built up their strength. Gaepora, the keeper of the legends that had been passed down through his family, built the Knight Academy. Gaepora brought kendo training and Loftwing riding together and established the order of the knights.

Isle of the Goddess

The area on the Surface where Hylia gathered the humans, rent the earth, and sent them into the sky. Depictions of the Triforce and what would later be known as the Sage Medallions can be seen on the ceiling of the entrance to the temple. When the land was split from the Surface, half of the temple was as well, along with half of the depictions of the six medallions.


Skyloft is connected to the Isle of the Goddess by a bridge. It is a paradise with springlike weather year round.

The Legend Keepers

The keepers of the legends protect the secrecy of the ancient documents about the Surface and the Goddess Sword, which is located in the Statue of the Goddess.

The Alphabet

These characters date back to the time when the goddess Hylia was governing the land. They can be found on the pedestal of the Statue of the Goddess and on various buildings on the Surface. They are ancient and are now impossible to interpret

The Goddess Hylia's Reincarnation

As the seal of Demise, the Demon King, began to weaken, a human girl was born. That girl was named Zelda, and she was the goddess Hylia reincarnated. Zelda grew up to be a beautiful woman who was chosen to play the role of the goddess for the Wing Ceremony at the Knight Academy. Skillfully handling his rare Crimson Loftwing, Link was victorious in his year’s Wing Ceremony and so won the honor of performing the ceremony of the goddess opposite Zelda.

Demon Lord Ghirahim

Around the same time, Demise sent his follower Ghirahim to the Surface, where Ghirahim gave himself the title of lord. Through secret plotting and scheming, he unleashed demon hordes on the land in an attempt to find the goddess and resurrect the Demon King Demise. Ghirahim finally found Zelda in the sky. He produced a tornado that penetrated the clouds and caused her to fall to the Surface.

Knight Academy

A school dedicated to training young students to become knights. The honor students become the Rescue Knights. Their duties include saving people who have fallen from the islands in the sky and patrolling at all hours upon a Loftwing. The students who pass the Wing Ceremony become seniors and are given uniforms. Each year the uniforms are a different color. In the twenty-fifth anniversary year, when Link becomes a senior, the uniforms are green.

The Wing Ceremony

The exam that allows students to academically advance in the Knight Academy. The one who rides their Loftwing skillfully enough to obtain the bird statuette before the others becomes the champion and advances to their senior year.

The Ceremony of the Goddess

The champion of the Wing Ceremony receives the gift of the Sailcloth from the individual playing the goddess. The Sailcloth is used at the end of the ritual, when the winner demonstrates their courage by leaping off a precipice and opening the cloth at the last moment to glide safely to the ground. The goddess role is played out just as it always has been since ancient times. This year, the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Knight Academy, the Sailcloth is given to the champion atop the Statue of the Goddess.

Demon Lord Ghirahim

A master sorcerer, Ghirahim can teleport and summon demons.

The Spirit Guide Fi and the Hero

Following the path of his destiny in the legend passed on to Gaepora, Link was guided to the Goddess Sword enshrined within the Statue of the Goddess.

In order to find Zelda, Link was escorted by Fi, the spirit of the sword, down to the land of legend. Link’s quest began as he plunged through the clouds holding the Sailcloth given to him by Zelda . . .

A Pilgrimage of Self-Discovery

After her fall from the heavens, Zelda, now on the Surface, was rescued by an old woman. The old woman told Zelda that she was the reincarnation of Hylia and needed to cleanse herself in the temples of the sky and the earth. Understanding her destiny, and clothed in the garments of the goddess, Zelda set off for the Skyview and Earth springs. At the Earth Spring, Zelda was captured by Ghirahim’s henchmen, the Bokoblins, but saved by Impa, of the Sheikah tribe, whose responsibility was to protect the reincarnated goddess.

The Goddess Sword

The sword kept inside the Statue of the Goddess, within the Chamber of the Sword. The goddess Hylia left the sword and its spirit, Fi, to guide the Hero. The sword and its legend have always been protected by Gaepora’s family. Legend has it that when evil returns to the land, the sword will begin to glow and can be drawn by the chosen hero.

Garments of the Goddess

The same white dress that the goddess Hylia wore. It has been told that the harp also once belonged to the goddess.

The Old Woman

The same white dress that the goddess Hylia wore. It has been told that the harp also once belonged to the goddess.

Map of the Surface

The Surface is divided into three regions. Each region is named after one of the dragons, Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru, who protect the Sacred Flames. A thick forest grows in the Faron region. The Eldin area is volcanic, and Lanayru is a desert, though it was previously a lush, green landscape.

Zelda's Return to the Past

Zelda prayed at the two springs, purifying herself and regaining her memories as the goddess Hylia. In order to strengthen the seal that imprisoned the Demon King Demise, Zelda attempted to return to the ancient era from the Temple of Time in the desert. However, Ghirahim found her. Link showed up just in time. He fought with Ghirahim, protecting Zelda and Impa while they entered the Gate of Time. Upon entering, Impa destroyed the gate so that Ghirahim could not follow them to the ancient past.

Link Becomes A True Hero

The other Gate of Time, located at the Sealed Temple, was broken. As the seal holding the Imprisoned began to break, Link and his comrade Groose held the monster back. All the while, Link continued with his task of tempering the Goddess Sword in the Sacred Flames of the Golden Goddesses. Imbued with the immense, sacred power of the Force, the Goddess Sword was transformed into the Master Sword. To reactivate the Gate of Time, Link pointed his sword skyward, charging it with energy and readying it for a Skyward Strike!

A Brief Encounter

After passing through the Gate of Time, Zelda and Impa arrived at the Sealed Grounds in the ancient past. Link, using the second gate, followed them there. Zelda told Link that in order to strengthen the seal imprisoning Demise, she must slumber in the Sealed Temple. The Surface became stable and Skyloft flourished. Thousands of years passed.

The Two Springs

When Zelda purifies her body in Skyview Spring and Earth Spring, dedicating her prayers to the Statue of the Goddess, her memory of being Hylia returns.


A young man of Skyloft who comes down to the Surface looking for Zelda.


The sacred power the gods gave to the world. It’s the breath of life itself.

Skyward Strike

The power collected by pointing the sword skyward. When the Goddess Sword becomes the Master Sword, its powers are enhanced and it emits a great light.

The Destruction of Demise

After returning to his own era, Link found the legendary Triforce. He became worthy of its omnipotent power upon the completion of a number of trials, at which time he received the crest of the Triforce. He was granted his wish: the Statue of the Goddess returned to its former place in the Sealed Grounds, where it destroyed the Demon King Demise. After thousands of years of sleep, Zelda awoke.

The Resurrection of the Demon King Demise

The enraged Ghirahim kidnapped Zelda and took her through the Gate of Time. After arriving in the past, Ghirahim performed the ritual to resurrect the Demon King Demise. Link followed, battling and defeating Ghirahim, but he was too late. Demise was reawakened! After an intense battle, Link defeated the demon. Upon his termination, the Demon King’s hatred was absorbed and sealed in the Master Sword. The demons on the Surface no longer terrorized its inhabitants.

A Return to the Surface

Zelda and the others returned to the present time. The atmosphere was peaceful and there was a feeling of a new beginning. Zelda resolved to live on the Surface and to protect the Triforce. However, the destruction of Demise was not the end of the battle. It was the beginning of a curse: a never-ending cycle of the reincarnation of the Demon King, whose hatred for those with the blood of the Goddess and the spirit of the Hero is everlasting.

The Crest of the Triforce

The proof of the complete power of the Triforce appears as marks on the back of the hand. The top triangle represents power, the bottom left represents wisdom, and the bottom right represents courage. Once the bearer of the three triangles attains a perfect balance of the attributes they represent, the true power of the Triforce is revealed.

The Ritual

To resurrect the Demon King, his loyal follower Ghirahim must sacrifice Zelda, releasing the goddess Hylia’s spirit. Ghirahim’s true form is the evil spirit of Demise’s sword.

Fi and Impa

Fi's role as Link’s guide is complete. The Master Sword and its spirit, Fi, are returned to their resting place in the pedestal inside the Statue of the Goddess. Impa returns to the past and continues to look after the Master Sword and protect it from the curse.

The Seal of the Sacred Realm

The kingdom of Hyrule

Created by the Golden Goddesses and protected by the goddess Hylia, the world eventually became known as Hyrule. The Hylians, descendents of Hylia, lived in Hyrule and possessed magical abilities. After years of peace, a wave of chaos once again engulfed the land.

The Battle for the Sacred Realm

The legend of a supreme power spread throughout the land, whetting the appetites of those who would possess the Triforce and inciting vicious battles between them. Rauru, the Sage of Light, constructed the Temple of Time, which contained the only existing entrance to the Sacred Realm, where the Triforce was located. With power stronger than both time and the Master Sword, Rauru sealed the Sacred Realm. The pedestal holding the Master Sword was closed behind the Door of Time, and the keys to opening the door (the Spiritual Stones of forest, fire, and water) were protected by their respective people. The Triforce was placed in the Temple of Light, located in the Sacred Realm, which was now isolated from Hyrule. Protecting the Triforce in the Temple of Light, Rauru became the guardian of the power of the gods.

The Establishment of Hyrule Kingdom

The descendents of the goddess Hylia, who was reincarnated as Princess Zelda, established the kingdom of Hyrule and became Hyrule’s royal family. In order to protect the Triforce, Hyrule Castle was built in the center of Hyrule, where the Temple of Time was located. The royal family watched over the Triforce, keeping its existence unknown to others. Many members of the royal family were born with special powers because of the lineage that connected them to the goddess. Princesses were repeatedly given the name Zelda, a name that came from the historical legends.

Temple of Time

The only entrance to the Sacred Realm’s Temple of Light, the Temple of Time shares the same name as the temple in the Lanayru Desert of the Era of the Goddess Hylia. It is thought that Rauru built the Temple of Time directly over the ruins of the Sealed Temple.

Crest of the Royal Family

The goddess Hylia had a birdlike crest, and the people of Skyloft rode giant birds. The crest of the royal family incorporates the historically important bird, as well as the three triangles of the Triforce.

Crest of the goddess Hylia

Crest of the Kingdom of Hyrule

The Picori and the Light Force

Vaati Reborn and the Four Sword Training

Hyrule Kingdom in Chaos

Those Chosen by the Triforce

A cyclical tale arose from an ancient battle...

The life of the time-traveling hero caused the chain of history to branch off in multiple directions. from this point onward, the chronology of Hyrule diverges dramatically. This marks the end of “The legend of the gods and the Hero of Time.”

For the timeline that unfolds following the Hero of Time’s return to the Child Era...

For the timeline that unfolds following the Hero of Time’s departure from the Adult Era...

The Decline of Hyrule and the Last Hero

Of all possible outcomes, link, the Hero of Time, faced defeat at the hands of ganondorf. The thief obtained the three pieces of the Triforce, transformed into the demon king, ganon, and continued to threaten the world in future eras. The conflict surrounding the Triforce continued without end, the blood of the gods weakened, and the kingdom of Hyrule shrank to a shadow of its former glory.

The Demon King Obtains the Complete Triforce

The PRincess of Light and the Knights' Descendents

The Trial of the Triforce

Adventure within a Fleeting Dream

The Great King and the Triforce of Courage

The Propsperity of Hyrule

Ever since the crushing defeat of the Demon King Ganon each successive generation of Hylian kings used the Triforce of Power, Wisdom, and Courage, passed down by the royal family to preserve order in the land. Those who wielded the Triforce were required to possess the unique characteristic of having been born with a heart free from wickedness. The rulers used the power of the Triforce to help the kingdom expand and flourish.

The Power of the Triforce

The Triforce itself does not judge good and evil. Because of this, the following characteristics are sought from its users: a righteous heart and the mettle to wield the power of the gods.

The Magic of the Great King of Hyrule

One great king of Hyrule who had put the Triforce’s power to use was concerned that its might would be abused after his death. In order to prevent this, he hid the Triforce of Courage, placing a spell over the land of Hyrule. The monarch’s magic ensured that a crest would appear upon a worthy person who had been properly raised, once they had reached a certain age and gained enough experience. Though the prince and young princess were already heirs to the throne, the king of Hyrule had his doubts about the worth and character of his son. Seeing more promise in Princess Zelda, he passed on the Triforce to her in secret.

The Tragedy of Princess Zelda

Following the king’s death, and with no crest appearing upon the hand of the prince, the power of the Triforce he had inherited as the new king was incomplete. The king was advised by his closest confidant, a wizard, that Princess Zelda seemed to know what was behind these events. Despite being interrogated by the wizard and her brother the king, Princess Zelda confessed nothing. The wizard lost his temper and threatened to use his magic to cast a spell that would cause the princess to sleep for all eternity, but she stubbornly refused to talk. Once the wizard had finished casting his spell, Princess Zelda crumpled where she stood.

The Wizard

A close confidant to Zelda’s elder brother, the king. He dies after using the last of his power to lay a curse upon Princess Zelda. The true nature of the man who stubbornly hones in on the secret of the Triforce is uncertain. However, it’s possible that he is an offshoot of Ganon, much like Agahnim, or merely one of his followers.

The Legend of Princess Zelda I

Mad with grief and regretting what he had done, the young king placed his sleeping sister, Princess Zelda, on an altar in the North Castle, in the hopes that she would someday be revived. To ensure this tragedy would never be forgotten, a custom was established that decreed that every girl born into Hyrule’s royal family would be given the name of “Zelda.” The story became the legend of the first Princess Zelda. The king reformed his ways and governed the land to the best of his ability, but the kingdom continued to fall into decline.

Princess Zelda I

Though the land of Hyrule had seen other princesses bearing the name of Zelda, it was Princess Zelda I who inspired the custom of calling every princess by that name. In the eras that follow her tragic fate, the royal family never fail to name their daughters Zelda.

A Kingdom In Decline

No one appeared who was able to wield the Triforce, and Hyrule divided again and again, continuing to shrink. The proud kingdom of Hyrule had once covered a vast area of land, but the passage of the ages saw its decline, and it eventually shrank into a single, small kingdom. Though the Triforce of Wisdom continued to be handed down from generation to generation, as the long years passed, the existence of the Triforce of Courage and the tragedy of Princess Zelda I were also lost to memory. Princess

A Map of Lesser Hyrule

Underground labyrinths dot the regions of Hyrule. To the southeast, the soil is fertile, blanketed by forests and rivers, while the west holds an expansive graveyard and the Lost Woods, where travelers are led astray. In the rugged and mountainous north lies the fortress of the Demon King Ganon. The location of Hyrule Castle is unclear.

Secrets Passed Down in the Lesser Kingdom of Hyrule

The Creeping Hand of Evil

There came a day when the demon army led by the Demon King Ganon invaded Hyrule and stole away the Triforce of Power. The reigning Princess Zelda divided the Triforce of Wisdom, which was in her possession, into eight pieces, hiding them in different corners of the kingdom. She secretly ordered her nursemaid, Impa, to seek out the one with the courage to defeat the Demon King. Ganon, angered by her actions, captured the princess and sent his followers after Impa.

The Chance Meeting of Impa the Nursmaid and Link the Boy

Impa continued her desperate flight, but finally found herself surrounded by Ganon’s underlings. Just then, a boy named Link appeared. Using his wits to throw Ganon’s underlings into confusion, he managed to rescue the nursemaid. Impa explained her circumstances, and Link made the decision to defeat Ganon and rescue Princess Zelda

The Demon King Ganon

The Demon King has been defeated countless times by heroes in the past. He is thought to have been resurrected after many years. Leading a demon army, he invades Lesser Hyrule, seeking the Triforce. No longer bearing any trace of the man known as the Great Thief, Ganondorf, he opposes Link in the form of a demonic beast, bereft of intelligence.


Princess Zelda’s nursemaid is descended from a long line that has served the royal family of Hyrule for generations. Her role is to care for various articles related to the royal family, as well as pass down the kingdom’s history and folklore. Her line treasures the heirlooms of the great kings, and passes down the tragedy of Princess Zelda I.


A young traveler. He encounters Impa while visiting Hyrule. It is thought that he may be the descendent of the Link who defeated Ganon and departed on a journey to continue his training during the Era of Light and Dark.

The People of Lesser Hyrule

Surrounded by harsh but abundant nature, the people have taken up residence and live out their day-to-day lives in caves and dwellings under the earth. Likewise, the traders of Hyrule peddle their wares in caves underground, selling a variety of objects. One can also find springs where fairies reside, which act as places of healing for travelers.

Seeking the Eight Shards of the Triforce

Link, after much suffering, managed to locate the eight dungeons, collect the shards of the Triforce from within them, and complete the Triforce of Wisdom.

The Eight Dungeons

The eight labyrinthine dungeons are shaped like and named after the eagle, the moon, the manji, the snake, the lizard, the dragon, the demon, and the lion. Impa teaches Link their approximate shapes. Within each labyrinth, he is able to obtain a more detailed map.

The Triforce of Wisdom

Using the power of the Triforce of Wisdom, Link crushed the Demon King and saved Princess Zelda. Thus, the Triforce of Wisdom and the Triforce of Power were restored, and, for a brief time, peace visited the kingdom of Hyrule.

Rescuing the Princess Zelda

Zelda was imprisoned in the depths of a dungeon prior to Link’s life-or-death struggle with Ganon. Link beats back the flames surrounding the princess with his sword, and manages to free her.

The Destruction of Hyrule

Even after defeating Ganon, Link remained in the kingdom and lent a hand to the reconstruction efforts. However, this was all for naught, as the land of Hyrule was again laid to waste by Ganon’s underlings in a plot to resurrect him.

Ganon's Resurrection

It is said that Ganon can be resurrected by sacrificing Link, the one who defeated him, and sprinkling the Hero’s blood over his ashes.

The Mark of the Crest Appears on Link

Six years after the suppression of the Demon King, a mark resembling the crest of the royal family suddenly surfaced on the back of the left hand of Link, now sixteen years old. Link, concerned, passed on this information to Impa. Surprised and flustered, she brought Link to the North Castle.

Princess Zelda I, Asleep on the Altar

Link and Impa arrived before an unopened chamber in the North Castle. Link pressed his crest against the door, and it opened with a clatter. The room within contained an altar, upon which a beautiful girl lay. The sleeping girl was Princess Zelda I, who had been cursed to slumber for all eternity.

The Unopened Chamber

Only the chosen one capable of wielding the Triforce can open it. The means of entry is a secret to everyone but Impa’s line.

Unraveling the History of Hyrule

Impa recounted to Link the story of Princess Zelda I, and entrusted him with six crystals and a scroll bearing the crest of Hyrule’s royal family.

The Scroll of the Royal Family

Left behind by the king of Hyrule after his passing, the scroll was handed down by Impa’s line. Despite being written in completely unfamiliar script, Link is able to read the scroll as though it speaks to him.

The Setting of the Adventure of Link

Link’s adventure does not take place in Hyrule alone, and his travels bring him to two vast continents. The North Castle lies in the northeast, with Death Mountain, once the lair of Ganon, to the southwest. Many years after they sealed away the demonic thief Ganondorf, the sages live on in the names of the towns: Rauru, Ruto, Saria, Nabooru, and Darunia.

Link's Determination

Recorded on the scroll was the location of the Triforce of Courage. Impa appealed to Link, asking him to complete the Triforce and save Princess Zelda I. Link had made his decision. He set out on his own, heading for the palaces.

The Six Palaces

These palaces serve as a barrier to the Great Palace, in which the Triforce of Courage is hidden. Guardian deities are placed at their entrances to defend them against outside invaders. Only one who is worthy will be able to defeat them and dispel the barrier.

The Six Palaces and the Great Palace at Death Mountain

Inserting the six crystals he had received from Impa into the stone statues located deep within the palaces dotting Hyrule, Link dispelled the barrier in the Valley of Death and opened the path to the Great Palace. After achieving victory against the guardian deity that lay in wait for him within the Great Palace, the Hero continued deeper within. In a final trial, Link was attacked by his own shadow, but he managed to defeat it in a battle of life and death.

The Great Palace

A palace located in the Valley of Death, deep within the mountains of eastern Hyrule. The final guardian deity, the Thunderbird, protects the Triforce of Courage.

Link's Shadow

A black shadow whose shape is identical to Link. Once a traveler reaches the depths of the Great Palace, this creature oozes out of their shadow and attacks, serving as their final trial. Like Link, it fights using a sword and shield, jumping at will.

Peace in Hyrule

Link, having obtained the Triforce of Courage, used the Triforce’s power to awaken Princess Zelda I from her slumber. He thus prevented Ganon’s resurrection and restored peace to the land of Hyrule.

The power of the gods had been restored to Hyrule through the courage of a young boy

Did generations pass, full of peace and the light of prosperity? or did the curtain rise on an age of darkness, when people quarreled in their search for power? The future of this timeline has yet to be unraveled.

The Twilight Realm an the Legacy of the Hero

An Alternate History of Hyrule

Turmoil in the Parallel World of Termina

The Demon King Ganondorf Is Executed

The Invasion of Shadow and the Twilight Realm

The Trap Lurking in Link's Shadow

The Hero of Winds and a New World

Ganondorf the Thief had obtained the Triforce of power and transformed into the demon king ganon. The Hero of Time successfully sealed away his foe. victorious, he then departed to his original era, and purity began to return to the world once more. However, Hyrule’s troubles continued.

Peace Is Restored to Hyrule by the Hero of Time

The Chronicle of the Sinking of Hyrule

Ganondorf's Repeated Resurrections

==Ganondorf's Plots

Hundreds of years passed, and Ganondorf, who should have been sealed at the bottom of the ocean along with Hyrule, was resurrected once again. He gave an order to his minions to attack the Wind and Earth temples, killing the two sages whose prayers gave the Master Sword the ability to destroy evil. Upon emerging from the sea, he turned the Forsaken Fortress into his base of operations and began his search for Princess Zelda, a descendent of the royal family who possessed the Triforce of Wisdom.

=The Forsaken Fortress

The resurrected Ganondorf’s base of operations. It is crawling with large numbers of demons.

The Girl with the Blood of Royal Family and the Pirates

King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, ordered by the gods to put an end to Ganondorf’s ambitions, awoke from his slumber. His spirit took up residence in a small red boat known as the King of Red Lions, and he began searching for the new Hero and the descendent of the royal family. The descendent he sought had grown up as the leader of a group of pirates. Known as Tetra, she had spent her life sailing the seas.

A Map of the World in the Era of the Great Sea

The continent that once contained the land of Hyrule has sunk to the bottom of the ocean, and only islands remain. Aside from the Hylians, who rule over the realm, a small number of peoples in whose veins flow the blood of the Kokiri, Goron, and Zora tribes yet survive.

Adventure Brought by the Wind

The Boy Meets the King of the Red Lions

In order to locate Princess Zelda, Ganondorf took control of an ominous bird, kidnapping girls from all around the sea. In the midst of this villainy, the King of Red Lions discovered a boy named Link from Outset Island who had infiltrated the Forsaken Fortress in an attempt to rescue his kidnapped sister. On

The Kidnapped Girls

Princess Zelda, in whose veins flows the blood of the Hylians, possesses their characteristic long ears. The ominous bird seeks out girls who share this trait and carries them off to the Forsaken Fortress.

Link’s little sister Aryll

The Boy from Outset Island Proves His Courage

The King of Red Lions decided to gamble the future of Hyrule on the courage of Link, the boy who was trying to rescue his sister. He bestowed the Wind Waker upon Link, which had been passed down by the royal family, and the two set off on their adventure. Upon receiving a pearl from each god that watched over the land, Link raised the Tower of the Gods and found himself proving his courage in a great trial.

The Wind Waker

In ancient times, the Wind Waker was a baton used to play songs that served as prayers to the gods.

The Customs of the Hero of Time On Outset Island

On Outset Island, where Link lives, it is customary for boys who reach a certain age to don green garb in celebration of the Hero of Time. The green clothes are meant to imitate the legendary Hero, and thus they symbolize the hope that the boys will grow up to be courageous. The custom of decorating the inside of a house with a shield is also a vestige of this tradition.

Link Receives Approval of the Gods

Link’s courage was recognized as he underwent the trials in the Tower of the Gods. He obtained the legendary blade known as the Master Sword in Hyrule, the kingdom sealed deep under the ocean. He challenged the Forsaken Fortress once again in an attempt to subjugate Ganondorf. However, the Master Sword had lost its ability to repel evil. He was not able to wound Ganondorf even slightly, and the Demon King realized that Tetra was Princess Zelda. Link and Tetra barely managed to escape from the Forsaken Fortress with their lives.

The Master Sword

The legendary blade can only be wielded by the Hero. In this era, it acts as the key to the seal on the sunken kingdom of Hyrule.

Princess Zelda is Awakened by the Triforce of Wisdom

The King of Red Lions, aware of the situation, invited Link and Tetra to the chamber of the Master Sword. There, he revealed his true form as the king of Hyrule. The fragment of the Triforce possessed by the king and the fragment possessed by Tetra united to form the Triforce of Wisdom, and Tetra awakened as Princess Zelda, the true heir to Hyrule’s royal family. Princess Zelda remained hidden within Hyrule Castle, where Ganondorf’s hand could not reach her.


The leader of the pirates, Tetra possesses an unyielding spirit. She grew up without knowing she was the princess of Hyrule.

An Ancient Battle Decorates The Inside of Hyrule Castle

Within the walls of Hyrule Castle, which lies at the bottom of the sea, sits a statue that brings to mind the Hero of Time. The Master Sword also rests deep within. The images of Ganon and the six sages are depicted in stained-glass windows. The decorations in the chamber where the Master Sword rests in its pedestal bring to mind the sealing of Ganon by the sages and the Hero of Time.

Taking Measures to Suppress Ganondorf

The King of Red Lions directed Link to find the pieces of the Triforce of Courage, sunk beneath the sea. Because the sages Laruto and Fado had been killed by Ganondorf, Medli of the Rito tribe and Makar of the Korok tribe, in whose veins flowed the blood of the sages, headed for their respective temples.

The Temples Slumbering in Hyrule

The temples were sunk to the sea floor along with Hyrule, and there they continue to slumber. However, because their entrances sit atop tall mountains, it is possible to access them from the ocean's surface in the Era of the Great Sea.

The Prayers of the Sages and the Power to Repel Magic

The spirits of the previous sages, who had lost their lives at the hands of Ganondorf, awakened the new sages by playing special melodies on their instruments. Medli, the Sage of Earth, and Makar, the Sage of Wind, offered up their prayers and restored the power to repel magic to the Master Sword.

The Sage of Earth

This sage plays a harp. Medli, a maiden of the Rito tribe who later awakens as a sage, is an attendant to the guardian deity Valoo. Her predecessor as Sage of Earth was Laruto of the Zora tribe.

The Sage of Wind

This sage plays a violin. Makar of the Korok tribe plays the role of accompanist in the Koroks’ annual ceremony. He will later awaken as a sage. His predecessor was Fado of the Kokiri tribe.

The Spirits That Guard the Pearls of the Goddesses

Even after the land of Hyrule was sealed away, the guardian spirits of the three pearls of the goddesses remain. They are thought to be descended from Volvagia, the Deku Tree, and Jabu-Jabu, spirits that existed during the Era of the Hero of Time.

The Birth of the Hero of the Winds

Gathering the eight fragments from the seabed, Link completed the Triforce of Courage. A crest appeared on his left hand, and his courage was recognized to be genuine. However, once Link and the King of Red Lions returned to Hyrule Castle, they witnessed Ganondorf carrying off Princess Zelda right before their eyes.

The Hero of the Winds

Upon witnessing the gods’ approval of the boy who manipulates the wind to fill the boat’s sails using the Wind Waker, the King of Red Lions dubs Link the Hero of Winds.

The Fateful Decision to Wish Upon the Triforce

Princess Zelda, who bore the Crest of Wisdom, had been taken to Ganon’s Tower, which rested on the ocean floor in Hyrule. When Link arrived bearing the Crest of Courage, the three crests were united and the Triforce took on its true form. Ganondorf, hoping to resurrect Hyrule and rule over it, reached out to touch the Triforce and settle his fate at last.

The Triforce

The divine power that Ganondorf previously failed to attain, these sacred triangles grant the wishes of those who touch them. As Ganondorf has only succeeded in obtaining the Triforce of Power, he needs to gather the Triforce of Wisdom and the Triforce of Courage.

The Kokiri and Zora Tribes Take On New Forms

Some of the peoples in the Era of the Great Sea underwent drastic changes in form during the tumultuous eras of the past. The Kokiri now appear plantlike, having transformed into the Korok tribe, who spread greenery around the world with the spirit known as the Deku Tree. The Zora tribe, who now bear birdlike beaks, have transformed into the Rito. They grow their wings upon being blessed with one of the spirit Valoo’s scales. The Goron tribe has not undergone much change, but its members wander the earth as vagabonds.

The Ancient Kingdom Fades Away

Suddenly, the king of Hyrule appeared and touched the Triforce before Ganondorf was able to. In a sonorous voice, the king declared his wish: “Wash away this ancient land of Hyrule! Let a ray of hope shine on the future of the world!!!”

Ganondorf's Desire

Ganondorf, obsessed with the idea of resurrecting Hyrule, the kingdom that had sunk to the bottom of the ocean, described the land’s destruction by the gods. He spoke of the desert country in which he was raised, how the wind that swept across it brought death, and how he coveted the wind that blew over Hyrule. Was it the wind of Hyrule he felt in his final moments? Or the wind of death . . . ?

Ganondorf's Final Moments

Was it really worthwhile to ask the Triforce to destroy Hyrule in order to build a better future? Link and the princess, to whom the future had been entrusted, launched an attack on Ganondorf. What unfolded next was Hyrule’s final battle. Ganondorf fell to the power of Princess Zelda’s Light Arrows and the ability of Link’s blade to repel evil, and turned into stone. As Hyrule began to fade away, the king helped Link and Princess Zelda escape to the surface. In spite of Princess Zelda’s entreaty to search for a new land together and Link’s outstretched hand, King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule chose to vanish along with his kingdom.

The King and Hyrule

When the king of Hyrule looked back upon his reign, he was filled with regret. Because, like Ganondorf, his yearning for the past bound him to Hyrule, he decided to disappear with his kingdom. As though asking the forgiveness of Link and the princess, he left behind his final words: “I have scattered the seeds of the future . . .”

The Curtain Rises on the Era of the Great Voyage

The Great Voyage of Tetra, Link, and The Pirates

Hyrule vanished, and the pirates welcomed back Princess Zelda, who had once again become Tetra the pirate. Tetra, Link, and the pirates received a sendoff from the people of the islands, and set sail in search of a new world.

Niko the Pirate's Picture Show

Niko, a member of Tetra’s pirate gang, turns the ballad of Link and his friends into a picture show to tell the story of their adventures.

The Eerie Ghost Ship Appears in the OCean King's Waters

Several months after their departure, Tetra and the pirates found themselves in waters where the Ghost Ship was rumored to appear. The area fell under the jurisdiction of a great spirit known as the Ocean King, but recently, ships had begun disappearing. In order to ascertain the truth behind the rumors, Tetra boarded the Ghost Ship when it appeared before them, only to be kidnapped. Link rushed to her aid but was hurled into the depths of the ocean. The Hero found himself washed ashore on the beach of Mercay Island. On the advice of an old man named Oshus, he departed in search of clues to the Ghost Ship’s whereabouts.

The Ghost Ship

A ship surrounded by a thick fog. The stronghold of the evil Bellum, it sails the waters of the Ocean King. It drains the Life Force of those who approach it.

Tragedy in the Waters of the Ocean King

The waters under the jurisdiction of the Ocean King are full of Life Force, the origin of power, which is the reason they attracted the attention of Bellum, who consumes it. When the Spirit of Power and the Spirit of Wisdom were sealed away, the Ocean King and the Spirit of Courage created alter egos and fled to the island. Though the waters of the Ocean King exist in a different world from that of Tetra, Link, and the pirates, the crests of Hyrule’s three gods can still be found in the Ocean King’s temple. Because of this, it is highly possible that the waters of the Ocean King were created by the same gods as Hyrule.

Farore’s crest, left behind on the Temple of the Ocean King.

Adventure on the SS Linebeck

Link befriended Ciela, the fairy that Oshus had taken in, and managed to obtain the cooperation of Captain Linebeck. The three set sail on the SS Linebeck, his ship. Using the Phantom Hourglass, Link managed to unlock the clues that slept within the Temple of the Ocean King bit by bit. He also rescued the Spirits of Power, Wisdom, and Courage.

The Phantom Hourglass

This hourglass possesses the power to manipulate time. It is necessary to use it in order to pass through the Temple of the Ocean King unharmed.

The Ocean King and the Evil Bellum

Borrowing the power of the spirits, Link successfully boarded the Ghost Ship. Inside, he discovered that Tetra had turned to stone after Bellum drained her Life Force. Then, Oshus appeared and revealed his true identity as the Ocean King. The Ocean King recognized Link’s courage, and asked him to eradicate Bellum.

The Spirits of Power, Wisdom, and Courage

They may look like small fairies, but they possess great powers, such as the ability to sense evil. The fairy Ciela is actually the Spirit of Courage.

The Waters of the Ocean King

A great sea composed of four territories. It is a world located at the heart of the ocean, with no landmasses big enough to be called continents.

The Confrontation with the Evil Dream God Bellum

Link obtained the only weapon capable of defeating Bellum: the Phantom Sword. He then headed for the depths of the Temple of the Ocean King. Once he crushed Bellum, Tetra would return to normal. Link pressed his attack against Bellum once again and barely managed to escape with his life, thanks to the courageous actions of Captain Linebeck. Once the dust had cleared on the final battle, Link and his friends stood victorious.

The Phantom Sword

Oshus added the power of the Phantom Hourglass to this sacred blade, which was forged from three carefully guarded Pure Metals, each found in a different region.

Escaping the Waters of the Ocean King

Oshus regained his true form, and peace returned to the waters of the Ocean King. Link and Tetra bid a fond farewell to Oshus and the spirits, and found themselves back in their own world. However, despite the many days they had wandered during their adventure in the waters of the Ocean King, they returned to find only ten minutes had passed. The turmoil surrounding the Ghost Ship had come to a close,

and Tetra, Link, and the pirates resumed their voyage in search of a new world.
Captain Linebeck Lives

The people Link meets in the waters of the Ocean King are the inhabitants of another world, and cannot be encountered in Link’s own. However, once Link returns to his own world, he seems to make out the shape of the SS Linebeck drifting in the distance.

The People of the Waters of the Ocean King

In addition to humans, Gorons, which look identical to the Gorons of Hyrule, and the Anouki tribe of the Isle of Frost also inhabit the waters of the Ocean King.

The spirits of the Cobble King and his knights also dwell on the island that houses the ruins of their ancient kingdom.

The History Leading up to New Hyrule

Discovering a Continent and Re-creating a Kingdom

Continuing their journey, Link, Tetra, and the pirates at last came upon a new continent. At the heart of this land sat a structure called the Tower of Spirits, from which the Spirit Tracks spiraled out. Here, Tetra founded New Hyrule. Another history had begun to unfold.

The Tower of the Gods

The Demon King had been sealed in this tower by the gods in the distant past. The train tracks, which spiraled out from the tower to cover the land, drew the power to maintain the seal from the land’s four temples. Sages of the Lokomo tribe were dispatched from the heavens to each of the four temples and the tower.

The Expansion of Hyrule Kingdom

Trains ran along the Spirit Tracks, and the kingdom developed a network of railroads. The castle was decorated with stained glass depicting Tetra the pirate, and the soldiers adopted green uniforms as a tribute to the Hero of Winds.

Princess Zelda

The Princess Zelda spoken of here is the fifth of her line, the great-greatgrandchild of Tetra.

The Tracks Begin to Vanish

One hundred years after the country’s founding, sections of track began to disappear all over the land. The reigning Princess Zelda presented an engineer named Link with a soldier’s uniform in order to slip out of the castle, and the two headed to the Tower of Spirits with Alfonzo to investigate.


An engineer from Aboda Village. He is descended from Gonzo, one of Tetra’s pirates. He used to serve the royal palace as a swordsman. Though his skill was great enough that people spoke of him as legendary, he was wounded in a fight with Byrne.

The Picture Show of Niko the Storyteller

Niko, who arrived in the new world one hundred years ago as one of Tetra’s pirates, is still going strong in this era. He is affectionately nicknamed “Old Man Niko.” He lives with a boy named Link who is identical in appearance to the Hero of Winds. Niko passes on the legends surrounding the new world and the new adventures of Link in the form of a picture show.

Princess Zelda, Now Nothing More Than a Spirit

On their way to the Tower of Spirits, they concluded that Cole, the chancellor of Hyrule Kingdom, was a creature of evil. Cole was attempting to resurrect Malladus the Demon King, who had been sealed in the Tower of Spirits. He planned to use the body of Princess Zelda as a vessel for Malladus. Princess Zelda was kidnapped by Cole’s ally, Byrne, and her spirit separated from her body. Link and the spirit of Princess Zelda received orders from Anjean the sage at the Tower of Spirits.


A member of the Lokomo tribe who studies under Anjean. He was not recognized by the gods. Seeking a power superior to that of the gods, he cooperated in the resurrection of the Demon King. Upon losing to Link, he realizes that he was being used by Chancellor Cole and agrees to help Princess Zelda.


One of the sages of the Lokomo tribe who was sent to the surface world by the gods in the distant past. A friend to Tetra the pirate, she watches over the Tower of Spirits.

The Changes in the Spirit Tower

With its tracks disappearing and its barrier lost, the Tower of Spirits was divided, and its guardians, the Phantoms, were possessed by demons. Princess Zelda’s spirit transformed into Phantom Zelda by entering the armor of a Phantom, and, with the cooperation of Link, she made for the top of the tower. However, in order to reach the top floor where the Demon King’s spirit slept, the two would need to restore the barriers to the temples.

A Map of the New World

New Hyrule is split into five regions, with Hyrule Castle and the Tower of Spirits at its center, encircled by the Forest Realm, the Snow Realm, the Ocean Realm, the Fire Realm, and the Sand Realm.

In the past, Tetra was aided by a man called Linebeck. From the existence of his grave and his descendent Linebeck III, it is possible to surmise that he made it to the new world as well.

The Restoration of the Barriers

Link traveled the land on the Spirit Train that had once been stored in the tower. Using the Spirit Flute entrusted to him by Princess Zelda, Link borrowed the power of the realm’s sages and restored the barriers to the temples. Once he reached the top of the tower, he found that Malladus the Demon King had been resurrected. In order to return Princess Zelda to her body, Link and his friends would need to enter the Dark Realm.

The Spirit Flute

A mysterious flute passed down by each successive generation of Hylian princesses. It originally belonged to Anjean, who gave it to Tetra, who wanted it in order to build peace in the kingdom.

The Dark Realm

A world covered by inky blackness where demons make their nests. Malladus and Chancellor Cole use the Demon Train to travel to the furthest reaches of the darkness, where the final battle unfolds

The Suppression of Malladus

Following an intense battle with Malladus, Princess Zelda regained her physical form. The mysterious power of Princess Zelda, along with Link’s courage, brought about the end of Chancellor Cole and Malladus. Once the kingdom had been freed from the menace of the Demon King, Anjean and the Lokomo tribe determined that the people no longer required their protection, and returned to the heavens. The land’s care was entrusted to Princess Zelda, Link, and their friends, and Hyrule made great strides in its development.

The suppression of Malladus.

The Lokomo tribe returns to the heavens

Princess Zelda’s triumphant return


The Demon King was sealed away in the tower by the gods. He took possession of Chancellor Cole after the chancellor failed to turn Princess Zelda’s body into a vessel, and was defeated by Link and his friends.

The ancient realm was destroyed, and the wind guided the founders of Hyrule to a new land, where the kingdom set down another path.

With the lineage of the gods not yet exhausted, who can say what successive generations will bring? The story will continue to unfold.