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The ultimate power, the Triforce, comprised of power, wisdom, and courage. Around that power, the battle between good and evil wages over and over again, without end.

Whenever the Triforce falls into the hands of someone evil, a hero in a green tunic always appears, to fight he demons and restore peace to Hyrule Kingdom.

The hero who vanquished the last foe will break their spirit into four fragments and seal them away in different places, to keep it from happening again.

Three of the fragments are spread across space and time. The fourth is sealed by a sword, placed in a temple, built on holy land.

Once this wicked soul is sealed away, a long time did pass. Until the day that a witch begins to change this.

Deep in a forest, far away from the village, the sorceress Cia protects the balance of the Triforce.

This sorceress use special magic to look out across all dimensions, across all time periods, past and present.

Until the day that the sorceress notices a certain soul.

They shine like no other, this soul and its owner. They will cross time to fight demons. They will protect Hyrule from evil. The people will call him a "hero."

The Sorceress longs for this hero. But no matter the time period, at this hero's side there is always a beautiful princess.

The seeds of envy take root in the Sorceress, and something beings to whisper softly to her. The soul fragment, sealed away by the last hero. A small thought, left behind by the last villain.

If you'd like to get the hero, then help me... The villain's voice whispers. The pure heart of the sorceress is pushed aside, and only half of it remains.

The villain has one goal... TO revive itself using the power of the Triforce, and take over Hyrule as their own.

The sorcerous who has lost her pure heart is manipulated by the villain. She is tied to the dark world, and opens the "Gate of Souls."

From this gate, demons and monsters form across time are summoned, and Hyrule Kingdom is again under siege...

Link The Hero Appears

Hyrule Kingdom is under attack from an evil army. Princess Zelda is leading her soldiers in a counter-attack, but no matter how many times they defeat the enemy, the evil army just keeps coming.

The Hyrules soldiers fight hard... That information is conveyed in every trainee at the Knight Training School.

"If the elite fighters can't drive back the enemy, what hope do I have?" the soldier's wonder. They are swallowed by self-doubt and lose hope.

Among them, a young man, fresh from training at the school, still holding his practice weapon. The young man's name is Link, and he is brimming with courage. He rushes out to the battlefield, to face the enemy and save Princess Zelda, and the kingdom of Hyrule.

The efforts of the novice soldier, Link, on the battlefield catch the attention of Impa, the leader of the royal bodyguards.

Link has driven away the mysteriously powerful enemy Volga, saved Princess Zelda, and taken out the demons. Finally the evil army is beginning to taste defeat.

Upon seeing this, the enemy sorcerer Wizzro uses his trump card, summoning a giant beast.

This beast approaches Hyrule castle, breathing fire. But Link does not falter, and leads the Hyrule soldiers in a fearless attack.

After Link and the others defeat the giant beast, they find that Wizzro has taken over the castle, and the Hyrulean army has been defeated. After this fierce battle, Princess Zelda has disappeared, Impa and Link run all over the battlefield searching for Princess Zelda, but she is nowhere to be found.

During the battle, Impa sensed a mysterious power within Link, and bestows upon him the Hero's CLothes, as proof that he is the legendary hero.

Link doesn't know if he's a hero or not, but in order to find Princess Zelda he will tam up with Impa and her soldiers, and begin his quest.

Arriving in Another Time

On the quest to find Princess Zelda, Link and Impa make two more friends.

The first is a Sheikah survivor, a young man named Sheik. The second is a sorceress named Lana.

Lana reveals that the woman controlling the evil army is The Dark Sorceress Named Cia, who lives in the Valley of Seers.

Cia is gathering the legendary Triforce, in order to control the world. Upon hearing this, Link decides that they must stop her.

The evil army was summoned through the Gate of Souls, and in order to close it they must defeat Cia, so they head toward the valley.

They reach the Valley of Seers, enter the ruins, and defeat the monsters. Finally, Link and Sheik arrive at the altar, where Cia awaits them.

The sorceress has the Triforce of Power. The hero has the Triforce of Courage. And...

The princess of Hyrule usually has the Triforce of Wisdom. But Sheik was the one holding it.

Cia ensnares Link and SHeik in a trap, and takes the power of all three pieces of the Triforce for herself. With that power, she bends space and time, and another portal appears in Hyrule.

Portals to three time periods appeared. According to Lana, a Gate of Souls opened in each of these eras. One b y one demons are summoned from these portals, and Cia's dark power grows stronger. The evil fragments sealed away in these three eras are released.

If the situation gets worse, the light of hope will be extinguished in Hyrule. They must close the Gate of Souls and defeat the incoming enemies.

Link and his companions decide to split up and head to each of the three eras and fight. They vow to return safely.

"Hyrule Warriors" Character Map


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