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"As you advanced through the Gerudo Desert and arrived in front of the suspicious ruins resting at the foot of Daval Peak, you heard a voice. It seems that, if you're able to make it through this labyrinth, you will receive a blessing."
— Quest description

The Desert Labyrinth is a Shrine Quest in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The quest is automatically triggered upon discovering the South Lomei Labyrinth east of Gerudo Desert, by way of the Champion's Gate. The quest is completed upon discovery of Dila Maag Shrine at the center of the labyrinth, which is obscured by bars from above until it is discovered from within.

The quickest way to the Shrine within the labyrinth is to climb to the top of the walls and navigate to the partition between the northeast and southeast quadrants. From there, a platform covered with Malice is visible in the northernmost pathway of the southeast quadrant. Under this platform is a doorway which leads directly to the shrine.

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