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Abyssal Leviathan: Tentalus
First appearance Skyward Sword (2011)
Location(s) Sandship
Attack method Tentacles
Effective weapon(s) Sword
Spoils Nayru's Flame
Heart Container

Abyssal Leviathan: Tentalus (古代海獣 ダイダゴス Kodai Kaijū Daidagosu?, Ancient Marine Monster: Daidagos) is the boss of the Sandship, the fifth dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It resembles an anthropomorphic sea monster.


Tentalus Tentacles

Link surrounded by Tentalus' tentacles

Right after Link inserts the Squid Carving into the lock and enters the control room, Tentalus attacks the ship, blocking the corridors with its tentacles. Link must use a Skyward Strike to sever these tentacles as he makes his way to the deck to face Tentalus. If Link gets too close to any wiggling tentacles, they will grab him and he must break free before they pull him out. If he is pulled out, Link will respawn in a nearby location. As Link progresses towards the ship's exterior, the lower levels will begin to flood with water. When Link reaches the outside, the door collapses behind him, and the battle begins.

Tentalus starts off by diving underwater and attacking Link by breaking through the deck from below with its tentacles. If one of the tentacles grabs Link, he must quickly break free or it will throw him off the ship. To draw Tentalus out, Link must destroy a number of tentacles with a horizontal Skyward Strike, a fully charged shot from the bow, or a bomb. Once enough tentacles have been destroyed, Tentalus will rise and assault Link directly by slamming its arms down on him. In order to stun the beast, an arrow must be shot into its enormous eye, causing Tentalus to fall upon the ship so that Link may strike it with his sword. While a proficient marksman can hit Tentalus as soon as it opens its eye, it is easiest for Link either just after Tentalus slams one of its arms down, or after Link severs one of the arms with a Skyward Strike. After taking enough damage, Tentalus will start destroying parts of the ship, and Link must rise to the higher part while avoiding rolling barrels to initiate the final phase of the battle.

In the final phase of the battle, Tentalus will attack Link with the tentacles on its head, which have grown mouths and attempt to bite him. Link must cut the attacking tentacles, which will quickly regenerate, then fire an arrow at Tentalus' eye when it stops to roar. Tentalus will fall over once again, and Link can attack as he did before. After taking enough damage in this manner, Tentalus will be defeated.

There also is a bug when fighting Tentalus. Once Link hits Tentalus's eye once with the bow to knock him out, if Link keeps hitting his eye with arrows, the battle will be stuck in the first phase.


Tentalus (Skyward Sword)12:43

Tentalus (Skyward Sword)


Tentalus is possibly a portmanteau of "tentacle", referring to its many appendages, and "Tantalus", an ancient Greek mythological figure who was doomed to live in a cave with a pool of water and a grape tree above him. Tantalus was unable to drink from the pool or eat from the tree as a form of eternal punishment for his wrongdoings.

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