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"These Bokoblins wield sophisticated weaponry created by an ancient and highly evolved civilization. If you are struck with the discharge from one of their electrical weapons, you may become paralyzed. These creatures also wear the latest in Bokoblin fashion."

Technoblins are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They are Bokoblins found throughout the Lanayru Desert, having invaded and laid claim to the Ancient Robots' technology. They only exist alive in the past, and appear when a Timeshift Stone is activated near them. While not in a radius of an active Timeshift Stone, they appear as skeletons.

Technoblins have electrically-charged batons that will shock Link if his sword meets theirs, dealing more damage than a regular Bokoblin, but their movements are much slower, giving Link more openings for an attack. In addition, they have more health than a regular Bokoblin, making it more efficient to knock them over from a distance using a Skyward Strike and finish them with a Fatal Blow, or simply use a Skyward Strike to knock them out of the Timeshift Stone's radius of effect. Like all electrical things and/or electrical enemies, having an Iron Shield or an upgrade of that type will cause the shield to be destroyed if Link blocks a Technoblin's attack (the wooden and Sacred Shield or its upgrades of that type should be used to block successfully). If Link plants a bomb or uses the Beetle, the Technoblins will run away. Link can use this tactic to force them out of a Timeshift Stone's area of effect, turning them into skeletons. Additionally, Link can use a Shield Bash to deflect their baton strikes, stunning them momentarily and giving him an opportunity to attack. Also, when alerted to Link's presence, the Technoblins will take a short while to charge up their swords, giving Link a brief opening to land an attack.


The name Technoblin seems to be a portmanteau of technology and Bokoblin, referencing their electrical weapons.


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