"I'm the only one who can save the princess! Hmm... But where do I begin looking for her?"
— Teacher

Teacher is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. A wise old Hylian man, Teacher is, as his name suggests, Princess Zelda's teacher.


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Spirit Tracks Credits Artwork 1

Artwork of Teacher being overjoyed at the return of Princess Zelda

Teacher attends Link's ceremonial promotion to Royal Engineer, and after the hero discloses to Teacher that Zelda's spirit has been separated from her body, he chooses not to believe him. Instead, he forces himself to believe that she has gone traveling. At certain points throughout the game, he asks Link to transport him to the village of the Four Realms on the Spirit Train to look for her. After being brought to this location, he gives Link Rupees of a varying amount, depending on how well the train is driven. The locations that Teacher would like Link to take him to are Aboda Village, Anouki Village, Papuchia Village, Goron Village and Castle Town. Link can obtain up to 300 Rupees from one ride. Also, Princess Zelda states that Teacher enjoys puzzles and would like to bring him to the Ends of the Earth Station.

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