Large Tank

A Large Tank

Tanks are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. They have a unique relationship with the Dark Trains: whenever the Dark Trains are not present on the Spirit Tracks of a certain land, the Tanks become possible and likely enemies to appear. They act exactly the same as Cannon Boats, oftentimes travelling in threes. Like the Cannon Boats, they are affiliated with Miniblins.

Tanks require two hits from the Spirit Train's Cannon before they are destroyed. A Tank always gives Link a Blue Rupee, worth five Rupees, upon its defeat. If the Pirate Hideout has been discovered, the Pirates' Prisoner rescued and a passenger is on board the train, one of the Tanks will be larger. This Tank takes four hits with the Cannon and is worth 20 Rupees on defeat, but if too long is taken, the Spirit Train will be boarded and 40 Miniblins and a Big Blin must be defeated, with a Pirate's Necklace as the reward. If they succeed in kidnapping the passenger, he must be rescued from the Pirate Hideout in order to attempt to transport him again.

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