Talus are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are stony creatures found throughout Hyrule. There are eight types of Talus; five giant creatures that are mini-bosses, and three small creatures that are minor enemies called Pebblits.

They are all vulnerable to attacks from Remote Bombs, Bomb Arrows, or some two-handed melee weapons such as hammers and Goron weapons like the Boulder Breaker, Cobble Crushers and Stone Smashers, as well as Drillshafts. Pebblits can be killed in one hit with these weapons, while Talus mini-bosses are only vulnerable if their Ore Deposit weak point is hit.

Certain enemies, such as Lizalfos, can pick up a Pebblit and throw them at Link, destroying the Pebblit and damaging Link; however, Link can do the same as an improvised weapon. Hitting Pebblits, as they are stony creatures, reduces the melee weapon's durability. Some melee weapons are able to destroy Ore Deposits but not the creature itself, such as Royal Claymores. Igneo and Frost Talus are also vulnerable to opposing elemental weapons and arrows, and can temporarily lose their elemental protection allowing Link to climb them; however, it will eventually be reactivated.

Talus drop large amounts of ore-based materials when hit and defeated, while Pebblits will usually drop a single ore. Both Talus and Pebblits camouflage themselves as rocks and will rise out of the ground when Link approaches them.

Medal of Honor

After completing the main story, Link can talk to Kilton at the Fang and Bone about Talus. Kilton will request for him to find and defeat all forty Talus mini-bosses present all over Hyrule. Upon completion of the task, Kilton will award Link the Medal of Honor: Talus in recognition of his accomplishment.


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