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Hylian Space
Oath to Order – The perceived badassery of any given action will increase tenfold if the action is performed while on fire.
TALK – 0_o
You don't think we can get some sources? maybe a link to whatever site this came from.

Twilit Bloat
Fused Shadow – Undo darkness... Undo light... Create Twilight
TALK – {{{time}}}
Hear, hear.

A quick Google search brings up this website It's a fan game for mobile phones based on The Legend of Zelda.--Richard 20:44, 24 February 2008 (UTC)

Aquamentus (Oracle of Seasons)
Oni Dark Link – "People. Humans. Are beings that seek happiness. The only thing that the Brittanian boy Lelouch wanted was a small bit of happiness. Nothing special. At least- as far as the root for his actions was concerned- a very human and modest wish. Who could deny him that wish? That promise? Who has that right? But, if people didn't have death and hardships, they wouldn't bee able to establish a base in this world and be punished for it. So, the thoughts of an individual, and even working with the view of the world, they only have a short existence. Sin and punishment. Fate and judgement. What stood in Lelouch's way was his own past. The hatred that exists because people are people. But even so, people should be thankful. That people are beings that seek happiness. The best kind of wish is born from despair. - C. C. (not the user on this wiki btw)"
TALK – {{{time}}}~ evaluations reviews walkthrough
Judging from those screen shots and my own experience of the game (I played through the first two dungeons) it appears the game has many differences to the origenal like heart containers and is that a hook shot? I also remember the need for a bomb bag before being able to just pick up bombs

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