"As you just saw, I have split the melody you seek among my many Tadtones and I have hidden them around the forest. If you haven't already guessed, Link, here's your task: Take this score and collect all my little musical friends out there. You can use that score to figure out how many Tadtones are in each group. Find them, collect them, and bring them back to me. If you can do that, well, then I'll just have to see you as someone worthy of learning the Song of the Hero."

Tadtones are quest items from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Found throughout the flooded Faron Woods, Tadtones are fragmented notes of the Water Dragon's part of the "Song of the Hero". Different varieties and colors of Tadtones appear throughout the forest, including some that must be collected one after another in quick succession, and some that appear on their own. Link can use his underwater spinning maneuver to draw in those reasonably close to him. This is the most effective method of gathering groups of Tadtones, because if they are not gathered in rapid succession, they will disappear from Link's score and return to their original locations. Each individual Tadtone Link collects will replenish his air supply slightly.