"Rumors are spreading which suggest the Moon is falling, but you can breathe easier as long as I am in town. Tonight, I shall cut the Moon into pieces! If one does not have such skill, he cannot teach the way of the sword to others. If you wish to be as powerful as I am, then I shall teach you until nighttime."
— Swordsman

The Swordsman is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is the owner of the Swordsman's School in West Clock Town, where he offers basic and advanced sword training for a price. Interestingly, the Swordsman is very susceptible to masks and will respond to Link's various masks in a multitude of ways.


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In his youth, the Swordsman studied the art of swordplay and became a renowned swordsman. As he grew older, he settled down in West Clock Town, and opened the Swordman's School. The Swordsman's School offers two training courses: the Novice Course, which teaches all the basic maneuvers of the sword for one Rupee, and the Expert Course, where people can hit targets for points at the cost of ten Rupees. If Link manages to accumulate thirty points during the Expert Course, the astonished Swordsman presents him with a Piece of Heart.

Initially, the Swordsman boasts about having no fear of the impending apocalypse, and goes on to claim that Clock Town has nothing to fear, as he will slice the Moon into pieces with his sword. At 11 PM on the night of the Final Day, he closes his shop for an hour to "unite his spirit" in preparation for his confrontation with the Moon. Later, if Link enters the Swordsman's School the Swordsman has gone missing. In his place is a sign stating that he has departed on a short vacation, as well as an admonition that the reader not look for him. If Link strikes a wooden board on the back wall with his sword, a hidden backroom is revealed. Inside the room is the Swordsman, curled up in the corner and shivering with fear of dying.


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