Unofficial Name

"My...boyfriend and I had a fight. It's my fault for always being so stubborn. It can't end over something like this. Will I never see him again?"

Sweetie's Boyfriend is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. A young Hylian man, he is, as his name implies, the boyfriend of Sweetie. When Sweetie gets trapped in the Dark World, Link finds her. He learns that she and her boyfriend have been fighting and that it is all her fault. In an attempt to mend things, Sweetie gives Link a Letter for her boyfriend. If Link successfully brings the Letter to Sweetie's Boyfriend in the Village of the Blue Maiden, he is given Roc's Feather as a reward. Also, Sweetie's Boyfriend accepts Sweetie's apology, and the two make up.

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