The Swamp Ruins is a location from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It is located on the very south side of Hyrule, east of the Desert of Mystery, west of Lake Hylia, and south of Link's House. It is characterized by its abundance of tall grass, ancient statues, and a small shrine that controls the nearby water level. It is the seventh location for the bird which Link summons with his Flute. In the Dark World, in the area where the ruins are found in the Light World, can be found the Swamp Palace, the second dungeon in the Dark World.

A Fairy Fountain can be found in the northeastern area of the Swamp Ruins. There is a small pond that has a warping Whirlpool, with an entrance to the Dark World located just north of it. If Link drains the shrine's water, he can find a Piece of Heart in the dry earth where the water once was. He can also find a fish flopping around, and if he throws one into another body of water, he will be rewarded with Rupees.


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