"These three Cuccos I have here are special Super Cuccos!"

The Super Cuccos are characters from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The Super Cuccos are three special Cuccos, and they live on Lon Lon Ranch with their owner, Talon.


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Very little is known about the Super Cuccos or what sets them apart from regular Cuccos; their appearance and behavior are identical to those of regular Cuccos. Talon, however, seems to know the difference, as he brags about them being "special". When Link is a child, Talon allows him to participate in the Super Cucco-findin' Game inside his house. Here, he tests Link's skills at telling the Cuccos apart, as he must find the three Super Cuccos among a gaggle of normal Cuccos within 30 seconds. If Link succeeds, Talon offers him Malon's hand in marriage. He reveals that he is joking, however, and gives Link a bottle filled with Lon Lon Milk as a reward instead.

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