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"Link, you've heard of sumo wrestlin', right? Gorons like to match strength in sumo contests."
Mayor Bo

Sumo is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Popular among the Goron race, it is based on the real world sport of the same name. Sumo matches are fought on platforms, where the two combatants attempt to push each other out of the ring. It is stated that the Goron Elders settle disputes through sumo matches.

When he was younger, Mayor Bo of Ordon Village won the respect of the Gorons by besting them in sumo matches. Unbeknown to the Gorons, however, Bo cheated by wearing the Iron Boots, because it was the only way a human could withstand the mighty strength of the Gorons. When Link requires entry to the Goron Mines, Mayor Bo gives him the Iron Boots after Link beats him in a sumo match. With the boots, Link manages to get past the rolling Gorons on Death Mountain and make his way to the Gorons' cave. Inside, Link bests Gor Coron in sumo, which gains him access to the Goron Mines.

Unlike most mini-games, Link is unable to play the Sumo mini-game after besting Gor Coron, making it one of the few mini-games in the series that cannot be replayed after completing it.

Tactics Edit

There are three different moves sumo fighters can perform. They can grab onto their opponents and push them backward (eventually pushing them out of the ring), sidestep their enemy's moves, and smack or punch their opponent to gain a very brief opening and even get them to stumble slightly. It is possible to win a sumo match without ever grabbing and pushing. This is done by sidestepping to strafe around the opponent, continually punching him backward until they stumble over the edge. This is a more difficult tactic to execute, however.

Video Edit

Sumo Match Agaist Gor Coron (Twilight Princess)04:10

Sumo Match Agaist Gor Coron (Twilight Princess)

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