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"This is Subrosia Dance Hall. Good dancers get a prize. We're about to practice. Would you like to dance with us?"

The Subrosian Dance Hall is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. As its name suggests, the Subrosian Dance Hall is found in Subrosia, the subterranean country below Holodrum. If Link can dance here for a sufficient period of time without missing any steps, he will be rewarded with a Boomerang. Also, if he returns later in the game and has not acquired a Strange Flute, he can obtain a Strange Flute that will later be identified as Dimitri's Flute. Link can return additional times and receive a Seed Ring, Gasha Seed, or Ore Chunks as a reward for completing the dance at higher difficulty levels. If he messes up at any time during the dance however, he is immediately thrown out.


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