"Look here! There's a little stowfish latched on to the fish! That little fish of pure adventure symbolizes the wayfarer's lifestyle."
Old Wayfarer

Stowfish are tiny, leech-like fish that are seen in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. They are small, green fish that can be found squirming around when Link catches a large fish (i.e., a Toona, Loovar, Rusty Swordfish, or Neptoona). As their name implies, they stow rides on bigger fish. When they are spotted, the camera will move towards the Stowfish and Ciela will tell Link that they make her happy for some reason. The game does not give a size record for these fish, but it will count how many have been caught. If Link shows the Stowfish to the Old Wayfarer, he will give Link a Ship Part.

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