Stone Watcher Island

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"So tell me, small fry, have you heard about the golden Triumph Forks? There are such things... And there's a chart that will show you where to find them on that island there. If you want it, try asking that grouchy-looking stone watcher. I doubt you could even budge the thing, though... You've got skinny arms, fry."

Stone Watcher Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. An island on the Great Sea, it appears to be barren except for a face-shaped stone that looks out over the ocean. Link can use the Power Bracelets to lift the stone head, revealing a Hidden Hole underneath. Inside this Hidden Hole are several rooms containing various enemies. After defeating all of these enemies, Link arrives in a room containing a pad emblazoned with a wind symbol. Link can playing the "Wind's Requiem" while standing on this symbol to cause a Treasure Chest containing a Triforce Chart to appear.


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