"A two-handed weapon forged from a rare metal mined in Goron City. Its center of gravity is at its tip, so it uses centrifugal force and its sheer weight to smash opponents flat."
Hyrule Compendium

The Stone Smasher is an item in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is Goron-made Sword which while normally can be wielded one-handed by Gorons, Lizalfos, and Moblins due to their strength, it is primarily a two-handed sword when wielded by Hylians and Bokoblins. Like all Goron made swords, the blade itself is blunt and as a result relies instead on blunt force to damage enemies and cannot be used to cut grass or trees. As a result, the Stone Smasher and other Goron swords function more like Hammers, thus like the Iron Sledgehammer can be used as a tool for mining Ore Deposits. As a result this weapon can be consider a hammer-sword hybrid.

It is also an effective weapon for attacking Talus and can smash Pebblits with a single hit. It has a base attack power of 42, though this can be increased by current weapon bonuses.

Link can encounter a Fire-Breath Lizalfos wielding one in the Eldin Mountains (in the mountains north of the Isle of Rabac and southwest of the Eldin Great Skeleton). As this Fire-Breath Lizalfos is revived every Blood Moon and can be killed instantly with an Ice Arrow, it is an excellent source for acquiring it and as well as replacements.

Of the Goron made swords, it is the second strongest as they are stronger than the Cobble Crusher while weaker than the Boulder Breaker.


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