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Stone Mask
Stone Mask
The Stone Mask
First appearance Majora's Mask (2000)
Power(s) Renders Link invisible to most enemies and people
"That's the Stone Mask, isn't it? That is a fine mask. It is filled with an appreciation for things that go unnoticed."
Happy Mask Salesman

The Stone Mask is one of twenty-four masks that Link can collect in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Though it is not needed to complete the game, wearing the mask allows Link to move about unnoticed by people and most enemies, possibly through a powerful magic. Only a select few can see through the mask's magic. Even Link himself must use the Lens of Truth to see through the strange powers of the mask when it is worn by another character.

Obtaining the Mask

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Originally worn by Shiro, an inconspicuous Clock Town Soldier lying amongst a patch of stones on the Road to Ikana, the mask is given to Link after he gives Shiro either a Red or Blue Potion to revitalize his spirits. Shiro indirectly reveals that Link is affected by the mask's power when someone wears the mask, as he can only see Shiro when looking through the Lens of Truth.

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The Stone Mask is particularly useful whenever Link must not be seen, but like other non-transformation masks it can only be used when Link is in his Hylian form. It can be used to avoid being seen by the Deku inside the Deku Palace's Inner Palace Garden, should Link choose to return to retrieve either Magic Beans or a Piece of Heart; however, if Link makes direct physical contact with the guards, he will still be noticed and thrown out. It can also be used to sneak past Pamela when trying to enter the Music Box House.

In addition, the Stone Mask is primarily used in the Pirates' Fortress to allow Link more freedom in exploration, as the guards will not notice him. Curiously, the mask's effect is rendered null when Link goes far enough into the room containing the Hookshot, as well as in the battle rooms with the Gerudo Guards. These Gerudo Pirates acknowledge that Link is wearing the mask though, proving that it may be due to years of training and careful concentration that they can see through the mysterious enchantments. Of these places where the Stone Mask is ineffective, only the room containing the Hookshot has other Gerudo guards in it. Therefore the only way Link can be captured in the battle rooms is by being defeated. Oddly, if Link walks near a pirate while wearing the mask, she will look at him without otherwise acknowledging his presence.

Lastly, the Stone Mask is also useful for avoiding unnecessary confrontations, particularly in Stone Tower Temple, where hearts can be difficult to find.

Curiously, several enemies and characters who do not attack Link while he is wearing the Stone Mask will still mildly react to him. Some will turn towards Link or move towards him, but not attack as they would were he not wearing the mask. This could indicate that some beings can partially see through the masks power (perhaps a trained Gerudo guard, who turns to face Link), or that they are using some non-visual method of detecting him (such as a Like-Like approaching Link), but can not sense him well enough to know he is a threat.

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