Steem (スチム Suchimu?) is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. A member of the Lokomo tribe, Steem resides within the Snow Sanctuary.


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Steem and Link play a musical duet on their instruments, being a pipa and the Spirit Flute, and restore the path to the Snow Temple, as well as most of the Spirit Tracks in the Snow Realm.

Later, Steem wishes to redecorate, and asks Link to bring him a pot from Papuchia Village. The first time Link brings Steem a pot, he gives Link a Force Gem as thanks. Subsequently, if pots are broken, Steem is angered and asks Link to bring him a new one. Whenever Link replaces a pot, he is given a treasure.

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"Steem" is likely derived from "steam", a form of vaporized water that comes out of a train. This upholds the train themes of the game.

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