"Armor designed for stealth, passed down through the Sheikah tribe. The special fabrics suppress the rustling of clothes even when moving quickly."
— In-game description

The Stealth Chest Guard is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is Sheikah body armor granting Stealth Up effect. Link can buy it at the Enchanted clothing shop of Kakariko Village.

After upgrading the three "Stealth" pieces to Level 2 (★★), comprising the Stealth Chest Guard, Mask and Tights, the worn set grants Speed Up effect to Link at night.


It can be enhanced by the Great Fairies.

Level Armor Effect Materials Set Bonus
Basic 2 Stealth Up
4 Stealth Up
★★ 6 Stealth Up Night Speed Up
★★★ 9 Stealth Up Night Speed Up
★★★★ 16 Stealth Up Night Speed Up


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The Stealth Chest Guard is reminiscent of the clothing worn by Sheik and may be the current incarnation of the same type of Sheikah Armor that Sheik wore in Ocarina of Time (as Breath of the Wild is set after Ocarina of Time). Interestingly, this is somewhat supported by Sheik's Mask head armor which lacks any body or leg armor, as that role is presumably fulfilled by the Stealth Chest Guard and Stealth Tights which can be worn with the Sheik's Mask in order to make Link resemble Sheik.

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