Starry Firefly

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Starry Firefly
Starry Firefly (Skyward Sword)
A Starry Firefly
First appearance Skyward Sword (2011)
Found Skyloft (night)
Waterfall Cave
Pumpkin Landing (night)
Beedle's Island (night)
Bug Rock
Use Potion Infusion
"A glowing Skyloft insect that only comes out at night. Its beauty is said to calm the mind."
— In-game description

Starry Fireflies are creatures from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They can be found on various islands in The Sky at night.

Starry Fireflies are generally calm, but will fly away or up higher if Link draws too close too quickly. The easiest way to net them is to sneak up on them slowly, using his Z-target to follow them and make sure he swings the net at them rather than at the ground.

Like the other insects in the game, Starry Fireflies are a component for Potion Infusion, used by Bertie to upgrade the stock potions Luv sells at the Bazaar. Fireflies are one of the ingredients in the Guardian Potion upgrade.

In his room at the Knight Academy, Strich will buy Link's excess Fireflies for 30 Rupees each at night.

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