"What? How did I know your name? You think it's weird eh? Well, I saw it on back of this shield!"

The Standard Shield, also known as the L-1 Shield, is a shield from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. It is first given to Link by Tarin at the start of the game, but can be eaten by Like Likes and replaced with the shield sold at the Mabe Village Shop. It can block projectiles and push enemies away but cannot block fire or beams. It is used to move the Sea Urchin enemies on Toronbo Shores and acquire Link's sword near the start of the game. After Link obtains the Mirror Shield in Eagle's Tower, the Standard Shield is replaced and can no longer be used.

Prior to returning the shield to Link, Tarin states that the Standard Shield has Link's name engraved on its back, which is how Tarin learned his name.

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