"The remains of Bokoblins appear in the dark of the night. While they're fragile enough to crumble from a single blow, as long as a skull remains intact, they'll continue to pull themselves back together and go on fighting. Sometimes the body will pick up the wrong skull, but this doesn't seem to be a problem..."
Hyrule Compendium

Stalkoblins are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are reanimated Bokoblin skeletons that appear at night. They can wield weapons such as Traveler's Swords or Traveler's Spears, and can also throw stones found on the ground.

Their behavior is similar to Stalchildren from Ocarina of Time, as they emerge from the ground at night. Unlike Cursed Bokoblins from this game or those from Skyward Sword, Stalkoblins are completely skeletonized and lack any vestiges of their former life such as clothing or flesh. They also lack the Cursed Bokoblins' ability to jinx.

A Stalkoblin can have its various body parts knocked off. Once this has happened, the Stalkoblin run around, trying to find things to replace the lost limbs. Link can take a lost Bokoblin Arm and use it as a weapon. At times, a Stalkoblin can take other Stalkoblins' body parts, such as a head or an arm, and attach it to itself. A Stalkoblin head can be picked up and kicked or thrown around to deal damage. Throwing their heads in water or Bottomless Bogs will kill them. Stalkoblin will continue to reanimate as long as there is a single Stalkoblin skull around and all Stalkoblin automatically perish at sunrise (5:00 a.m.).

Link may encounter Stalkoblin riding Stalhorses in areas such as Rutile Lake or N. Tabantha Snowfield. Link can knock them off their Stalhorse and steal it, though he is unable to register Stalhorses at Stables as it is considered a monster. If Link wears a fully upgraded Radiant Mask, Radiant Shirt, and Radiant Tights at night it will increase their spawn rate and increases the attack power Link causes while wielding Bokoblin Arms.


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Cursed Bokoblins

Given the fact that they are both undead Bokoblins, it is possible that Cursed Bokoblins in Breath of the Wild are skulls coming from Stalbokoblins. Since Cursed Bokoblins are depicted as bodiless Stalkoblin skulls possessed by Malice.

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