"The remains of Lizalfos appear in the dark of the night. They're as sly as ever, even now that they're just some bones stacked atop each other. However their bodies are much more fragile, and a single solid hit can reduce them to pieces. If a skull remains intact, they will put themselves back up and continue to fight. They've been known to grab the wrong skull at times, but they never seem to mind..."
Hyrule Compendium

Stalizalfos are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are reanimated Lizalfos skeletons that appear at night. Like their living counterparts, they can wield any weapons, bows and shield from the "Lizal" series, and may also wield other types of weapons. Stalizalfos may also pick up and wield the Lizalfos Arm dropped by their fallen brethren as improvised weapons.

Their fighting style is similar to their living counterparts including caudal attacks. Like most "Stal" enemies, they are fragile and their skeletons will continue to regenerate as long as a single Stalizalfos skull remaining. As a result, Link must focus on attacking and destroying their skulls to completely defeat them which can be accomplished with an arrow headshot. Stalizalfos may try to perform a tongue lash attack but as creatures devoid of living tissue including this organ, the attack will fail. Link can use this moment to his advantage since they are openly vulnerable.

If Link wears the Lizalfos Mask or a Level 2 "Radiant" armor set comprising the Radiant Mask, Shirt and Tights, he will be disguise respectively as a Lizalfos or a Stal creatures, and Stalizalfos will not attack but rather follow him around out of curiosity. However this only works if Link does not hit them, and if there are not accompanied by any non-Stalizalfos enemies.


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