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"This is a snake monster from before the dawn of time. Three bone-plated heads and a thirst to cause pain keep it writhing even beyond death. My analysis shows that to defeat this cursed snake, all three of its heads must be simultaneously destroyed."

Staldras are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They are three-headed dragons with skull-like faces. In order to defeat them, Link must cut off all three of their heads in one strike or within very quick succession. If he fails to cut all of them at once, the decapitated heads will regenerate. It is also possible to Shield Bash all heads when they lunge at Link (their eyes turning red is an indicator when they are about to attack), allowing Link to finish them off easily with a horizontal slash from his sword while they are stunned. Another potential method of defeat is to place a bomb near or in front of them, causing their heads to disconnect from their body if all three heads are facing the explosion.


The name Staldra seems to be a portmanteau of the prefix "Stal-", a prefix shared by skeletal creatures in the Legend of Zelda universe, and Hydra, a multiple-headed monster from Greek mythology.

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