Stalchampion is the boss of the Desert Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes.

Stalchampion occupies a circular platform in the middle of a sandy arena. It will remain on this platform throughout the battle, although players who seek refuge on the sand need to keep moving or else they will sink and take one heart of damage. The stone walkways leading to and from the central platform are safe to stand on. There are a number of pots and bushes around the sandy area which can be destroyed for hearts and magic potions.

In the first phase of the battle, Stalchampion will either rush toward the nearest Link and attempt to pound them with its spiked ball, or will throw one of its bones at them like a boomerang. It will block any attacks from the front, but is vulnerable to attacks from behind with either the sword or boomerang. When hit, it will begin to hop around the platform, clutching its foot like it's in pain. When hit a second time, it will collapse and break apart, exposing the orb inside its ribcage. The orb can now be damaged with the hammer, however the spiked ball will try to roll into Link to stop him. After a short time, Stalchampion will reform and leap off the screen, crashing down in the center of the platform a few seconds later and sending out a shockwave that will damage any Links nearby.

After taking enough damage, Stalchampion's color will darken and its bones will appear cracked. Now when it leaps off the screen, the shockwave when it lands will spread across the entire center platform, forcing Link to move onto the sand or walkways to avoid it. It will also move more quickly and attack more aggressively, but its vulnerabilities remain the same.

In the final phase, Stapchampion's skull will fly up and absorb the orb into it. It will now float above the arena out of range of attacks while the spiked ball will continuously roll around the platform toward the nearest Link. If a Link gets near it, the skull will swoop down toward them and try to do collision damage. However, this makes it vulnerable to the boomerang, which can stun it for several seconds while Link attacks it with the sword. In multiplayer, one of the Hammer-wielding Links can constantly act as a decoy for the spiked ball while the other two Links focus on the skull. Repeating this pattern will eventually destroy it.


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