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"A symbol of courage given to those who have overcome the challenges of a shrine."
— In-game description

Spirit Orbs are key items in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are given to Link by monks when he completes Shrines. They can be traded for various items. When Link collects the first four Spirit Orbs obtained from the Great Plateau's Shrines and returns them to the Old Man, he will offer the paraglider to Link. Other gathered Spirit Orbs can be placed in Goddess statues to gain Heart Containers or Stamina Vessels, each four Spirit Orbs offered to the statue will grant an upgrade. The upgrade can be another Heart or 20% extra Stamina Wheel. Link can retroactively lower extra hearts or stamina wheel to increase the other by selling for 100 Rupees and buying it back for 120 Rupees.

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