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Spirit Gems are items found in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. They can be bought from Beedle or other various shop owners, found in chests, received as prizes from minigames, or received from various characters. There are three kinds of gems: Power, Courage, and Wisdom. They can be used to power up the Three Spirits that aid Link, giving him an increase in offense, defense, or range if he brings them to Spirit Island. The emblems on the three types of gems are identical to the Marks of the Goddesses.

Power Gem

Power Gems bear the symbol of Leaf, which is identical to the Mark of Din. When Link gains 10 of these gems and equips Leaf, he is able to engulf his sword with flames, giving it a considerable boost of power. Also, Phantoms and Reaplings can be stunned by hitting them in the back. When Link finds 20 Power Gems, the entire sword erupts into flame, giving it incredible power.

Wisdom Gem

Wisdom Gems bear the symbol of Neri, which is identical to the Mark of Nayru. When Link gains 10 of these gems and equips Neri, his defense is enhanced, cutting the damage from attacks by one quarter of a heart. Link's shield is also able to block stronger projectiles such as fireballs, and he can stun weaker enemies such as Octoroks and ChuChus by simply walking into them. When he finds 20 Wisdom Gems, his shield again increases in power, and incoming damage is cut by half a heart (attacks that normally deal half a heart of damage are only reduced by one quarter of a heart, however).

Courage Gem

Courage Gems bear the symbol of Ciela, which is identical to the Mark of Farore. When Link gains 10 of these gems and equips Ciela, he can send a damaging beam from his sword. Upon finding 20 Courage Gems, he can send out wider and more powerful beams, extending the range of his attacks even more than before.

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