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1-up Doll to Battle Quest
Battle Robot to Broken Goron's Sword
Broken Sword to Crystal Switch
Crystals to Door of Courage
Door of Friendship to Fire
Fire Arrow to Ghost Hunter
Ghost Hut to Great Statue
Great Swamp to Hyrule Castle Rooftop
Hyrule Castle Tower to Koholint
Koholint Island to Lizalfos
Lizalnarg to Master Sword of Light
Master Thunder Dragon to Name Registration
Nasty Soup to Phantom Ganon (The Wind Waker)
Phantom Ganondorf to Real Bombchu
Realm to Sea Snake
Sea Snakes to Song of Healing
Song of Healing (Majora's Mask) to TLOZ
TLOZ series to Three Spirits
Three of a Kind to Vitreous
Volcanic Ladybug to Zora River: Defender
Zora River Target Practice to Zunari's Shop

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