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1-up Doll to Base Creature of Magic
Basht to Brac
Braced Shield to Crabs
Cracked Wall to Discovery Ring
Disorientation Station to Falls
False Floor to Ganondorf's Steed
Ganondorf's Theme to Gorons
Goronu to Ho Ho Tribe
Hoarder to Jump Attack
Jump Spell to Level Two
Levias to Magnets
Magnifying Glass to Moblin Spear
Moblin Spears to Old Man Ho Ho
Old Man Ulrira to Pothole Field
Potion to Rope
Rosa to Shield Spell
Shield of Antiquity to Spring Water
Spring Water Cave to The Coast
The Crystal Trap to Toto
Tott to We the Zora
Weak Point Smash to Zunari's Shop

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