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1-up Doll to Battle Association
Battle Committee to Bridge
Bridge Builder to Crest of the Royal Family
Crimson Loftwing to Dojo
Dojos to Festival of Time
Fi to Gerudo Guards
Gerudo Mask to Great Fairy Tears
Great Fairy of Courage to Hurricane Spin
Hurricane Spin Attack to King Zora (Oracle of Ages)
King Zora (Twilight Princess) to List of enemies
List of enemies by name to Marks of the Goddesses
Married to the Moblin to Mt. Crenel's Base
Mt. Crenel Mineral Water to Passenger Cars
Patch to Quick Beetle
Quick Fire Bow to Sand Crab
Sand Goddess to Slippery Station
Slug to Super Famicom
Super Lamp to The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy
The Legend of Zelda animated series to Uncle Rupee (boss)
Under the Bridge to Zant Head
Zant Mask to Zunari's Shop

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