Snappers are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. They are anthropomorphic and vaguely avian and appear in the Ocean Temple and the Take 'Em All On challenge. Snappers wield whips, and will use them to entangle Link and attack him. Link must dodge the Snapper's whip and slice it with his sword to defeat it. They can also use their whips to capture Link, and pull him in if he moves away from them, or distance him if he tries to close in. Link can use the reel in to his advantage to strike, cutting himself loose in the process. In the Ocean Temple, a Snapper appears as a mini-boss and guards the Whip. Once Link has obtained it, he can use it to stun Snappers in any subsequent battles with them.


Snapper (Spirit Tracks)01:47

Snapper (Spirit Tracks)


Snappers are likely named after the snapping noise that a whip makes.

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